Stop the Violence in Sudan!

It’s pretty upsetting that Sudan has experienced a series of events that could reignite a civil war between the North and South of the country. After an overwhelming vote for succession in January 2011—the last stage in fulfilling the 2005 peace agreement that ended more than 20 years of fighting—South Sudan is just six weeks away from formal independence.

But last Thursday, an unprovoked violent attack by southern forces led to a brutal and disproportionate response by the Sudanese Armed Forces. They indiscriminately bombed, shelled and eventually invaded the border region of Abyei—a highly contested area claimed by both sides—whose fate was supposed to be determined through negotiation, not military occupation.

The Sudanese government must follow past agreements and withdraw its military from this area immediately.

The attacks have displaced thousands of civilians and created a volatile political crisis that could escalate any minute into further violence.

Join us in calling on President Obama to be clear that there will be real consequences for continuing to jeopardize this fragile opportunity for peace.