Sh** Jews Say About Philanthropy

In celebration of AJWS’s “Where Do You Give” Design Competition, and in honor of the successful slew of “Sh** People Say” videos, we present:

Sh** Jews Say About Philanthropy… brought to you by members of the AJWS staff:

“Yes, dear, it has to be in multiples of 18.”

“I shouldn’t talk about it on Shabbos, but…”

“Is it Super Sunday? Again?”

“… and so your Uncle Morrie finally made it to America. And that is why we give money every year to those going through tough times.”

“Why get them something off the registry when we could get them a mezuzah? Everybody needs a mezuzah!”

“It was a good year. I even gave to the temple across the street.”

“Don’t ask me about giving money, I already give plenty. You should see my tax returns. Oy!”

“Rose! Did you know you can donate money right from the computer?”

“Well, I’m no Rothschild, but I can give a little.”

“Shoot… what the hell is 18 times 7?”

“I remember when you just gave to the first meshuge you saw on the street…”

“Why haven’t they deposited the check yet? I sent it yesterday!”

“$100 for tzedakah? In my day, it was only a nickel!”

“Anonymity is the highest level of giving, but I still want my name up at the Met.”

“Do you know how much we paid in synagogue dues this year? And they want donations too?!”

“Mom, that Bar Mitzvah money was for ME, not for tzedakah!”

“You’re a philanthropist? Well, Mr. Philanthropist, have I got a daughter for you!”

“Yes, but who will care for the Jews?”

It felt good because I knew that I was helping.” (See Daniel, a 4th grade student and burgeoning philanthropist, who interviewed his grandmother here.)

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