How does AJWS make change?

When you give to AJWS, you support passionate activists, the organizations they run and the social movements they build for justice. But social change is complicated, and you may wonder how your dollars actually translate to impact on the ground.

To help illustrate what we do and just how powerful your support can be, we’re launching a new series: Repairing the World, Step by Step. This spring, we’ll ask key questions and break them down together. We’ll unpack a different dimension of our work each month to show how your support helps us repair our world:

HOW does AJWS make change?
WHO does the work in the field?
WHERE do your dollars go?


Today, we’ll talk about HOW. How do we go about making change?

To get to the root of big challenges like inequality, authoritarianism and the climate crisis, we have to shift the fabric of society by changing hearts, minds and laws. To do that, we’ve honed a three-part approach that multiplies the impact each dollar makes by harnessing the power of social movements. Here’s how it works…

Grantmaking. Accompaniment. Advocacy. Each of these things is important alone, but when AJWS puts them together, the effect is many times more powerful. 

The grassroots movements we’ve supported have stopped poisonous metallic mining in El Salvador, decriminalized homosexuality in India and given women equal billing on the ballot box in Senegal. This is proof of our grants-multiplier effect in action — affecting millions of lives every day. 

Want to multiply the impact of your own dollars for social change? Make a gift today. 

Thank you for doing your part to repair the world!