Recommendations for Haitian-Led Reconstruction and Development

This past Wednesday at the long-awaited Haiti Donor Meeting, countries and international organizations pledged nearly $10 billion to rebuild Haiti after January’s earthquake. But the question of how this money will be spent and who, exactly, will benefit remains in question. Thanks in large part to the extraordinary work of AJWS Policy Associate and “From the Ground” blogger, Amanda Cary, AJWS was instrumental in pushing its foreign assistance reform coalition to release a compilation of recommendations for Haitian-led reconstruction and development from several Haitian civil society and diaspora conferences, organizations and coalitions. The recommendations are being distributed to international aid organizations and policy makers.

In the short-term, the recommendations include providing locally or regionally produced emergency food aid; in the long-term, support for agricultural infrastructure and development including investments in seeds, reforestation, water cisterns, and irrigation systems, and the promotion of politics that foster food sovereignty. Check it out!