For Mothers and Daughters Everywhere

I always wanted to become a mother. So when I turned 40, I decided to have a child on my own. Today, I am blessed beyond measure to have a two-year-old daughter named Tahlia, whose energy, humor and curiosity light up the world around her.

As a Jewish mother who is deeply committed to social justice, I want Tahlia to embrace both the joys of our tradition and the Jewish mandate to repair the world.

And yet, I know that Tahlia is inheriting a world in which women and girls routinely experience sexism, violence and discrimination. I cannot entirely protect her from those injustices. But, like every parent, I know I must do everything in my power to keep her safe and happy.

That’s why I am so inspired by the remarkable mothers and daughters supported by AJWS who are advancing safety and human dignity in their own communities.

Women like Manju Kumari, who, at 23, is the elected leader of her village in rural India. She is inspiring girls to stay in school and resist the pressure to marry in their teenage years.

My deepest wish for Tahlia is to build a loving community in which she learns to care for others and stand up for her values. With her limitless sense of wonder and her inquisitive personality, she is already on her way.

Happy Mother’s Day to the courageous women in your life.

Dana TrobeDana Trobe is the Global Director for Learning and Development at Wolters Kluwer. She lives in New York City with her daughter Tahlia.