Celebrate National Coffee Day with Better Beans!

September 29th is National Coffee Day? Who knew?! For all you justice-seeking java-holics, here’s something to consider:

For the majority of small-scale coffee farmers in the developing world, the benefits of their hard work and economic investments are extremely limited. Rural farmers are isolated from global markets, and the long journey of a harvested coffee bean to the cup-o-Joe on your kitchen table is filled with powerful intermediaries. Consequently, very little of the money that we spend on coffee ever reaches the coffee farmers themselves.

In response to this injustice, AJWS has teamed up with Equal Exchange and formed Better Beans – an initiative to sell and distribute fairly traded, kosher coffee and chocolate. Better Beans products are produced by community-owned cooperatives that enable farmers to receive fair prices for their crops, access to affordable credit and an opportunity to engage in equitable long-term trade relationships.

By choosing to buy fairly traded coffee, you can help build a global system that treats all producers equitably and embodies the Torah’s vision of a just society. So, in honor of National Coffee Day, stir your java with a bit of justice, and place your Better Beans order today.