Rabbi Rachel Ackerman

Rabbi Rachel Ackerman is the Rabbi-Educator of Temple Shalom in Chevy Chase, MD. She went to Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles where she received her Master of Arts in Jewish Education in 2009 and her rabbinic ordination in 2011. She has a special interest in educating on issues of inclusion and accessibility in Jewish institutions. Rachel is an avid runner and marathoner and, even though the race was ultimately cancelled because of Superstorm Sandy, she was proud to have been a part of AJWS’s New York Marathon Team. Rachel is an alumna of the AJWS Rabbinical Students’ Delegation in Ghana in 2008 and can be reached at rabbiackerman@templeshalom.net.


What happens when someone who provides an important resource for a community is no longer able to do so? How is her role and wisdom passed on?

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