Rabbi Miriyam Glazer

Miriyam Glazer is a rabbi, writer, translator and social activist who, until she retired in 2015, was head of the Literature, Communication and Media Department and Professor of Literature at American Jewish University. Her most recent book is Psalms of the Jewish Liturgy: A Guide to their Beauty, Power and Meaning, a new Translation and Commentary. Co-author of The Essential Book of Jewish Festival Cooking, and editor of The Bedside Torah and Dancing on the Edge of the World, she is a frequent scholar-in-residence speaking on literature, spirituality, social justice, Judaism, and the role of food in our lives. Miriyam joined AJWS on the rabbinic visit to Ghana and for the inaugural Global Jewish Fellowship to Mexico. She can be reached at rabbimiriyam@gmail.com.


As the book of Dvarim, meaning “Words,” opens, Moses launches his farewell oration to “all Israel,” gathered together in the wilderness of the Aravah, outside the borders of the Promised Land. But who is the “all Israel” to whom he is speaking?

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