Malka Friedman-Rosner

American Jewish World Service partners on climate change

Climate change is real and its effects are visible globally. Many organisations are teaming up to help mitigate its effects and those to do with land and water issues.  One of these organisation is the American Jewish World Service (AJWS). AJWS supports and strengthens grassroot organisations to advance their human rights agenda in Uganda.

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The Pittsburgh Attack Inspired Calls for Tikkun Olam. What to Know About the Evolution of an Influential Jewish Idea

In the wake of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, many in the Jewish community have invoked the language of tikkun olam in their response to this tragedy. These Hebrew words are typically translated as “repair the world,” or “mend the world,” — or as those who knew one of the victims that day put it when describing …Read More

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Why the “Jewish Continuity” Conversation Must Change in The Era of #MeToo

As Jewish women continue to share personal accounts of sexual harassment by sociologist Steven M. Cohen and philanthropist Michael Steinhardt, I am struck by how some leaders in the Jewish community resist examining the links between the personal behavior of Cohen and Steinhardt and their shared investment in Jewish continuity, defined by marriage and child-bearing. …Read More

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Peace Is Not Enough

Between 1989 and 2003, Liberia was somewhat synonymous with war. Stoking the existing tension among ethnic groups, military factions with power-hungry leaders unleashed an era of bitter internal conflict, coups d’état and uprisings during this period. Around 250,000 people died, and many more fled the country. When it was over, Liberia’s economic and political system …Read More

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AJWS endorses global campaign to save the forests

Nine of the world’s leading philanthropic foundations announced their intent to commit at least $459 million through 2022 to the protection, restoration and expansion of forests and lands worldwide and the recognition of indigenous peoples’ and traditional communities’ collective land rights and resource management. These are powerful and under-appreciated climate solutions and must be urgent …Read More

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Grassroots leaders provide the best hope to a troubled world

Winston Churchill famously claimed that of all human qualities, courage was the most esteemed, because it guaranteed all others. He was right. Courage—moral courage—is the companion of great leadership. No politician could ever be viewed as exceptional unless he or she had it in spades. And historically there would have been no social progress if …Read More

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