David Singer

Rabbi David Singer

Rabbi David Singer is the Director of Hillel of San Diego at UCSD. Previously, he was the Founding Director of Makom, a young spiritual community in Dallas, TX. Named by The Jewish Daily Forward as one of American’s Most Inspiring Rabbis, David is a graduate of Clal, The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership’s Clergy Leadership Incubator and a member of Rabbis Without Borders. David graduated from the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles in 2012. David can be reached at dsinger@hillelsd.org.


Esau is a character derided by the Jewish tradition. Depicted as a brute, unintelligent and powerful man of the field, Esau is often seen as the opposite of the rabbinic ideal: his twin brother Jacob. Yet Parshat Toldot suggests that we not be so quick to dismiss him. Esau’s experience, after all, may very well …Read More

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Few things are prettier than a rainbow. The picturesque spectrum of color across an ashen, rain-filled sky elicits feelings of calm, gratitude and awe in even the most jaded of people. But a rainbow is more than just a sight of beauty. The Jewish tradition pushes us to see each rainbow as a prismatic vision …Read More

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