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American Jewish World Service provides these images to increase awareness of the ongoing crisis in Darfur.

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American Jewish World Service/M Emry(2.34 MB)

Children, South Darfur.

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American Jewish World Service/R Messinger(3.56 MB)

Food delivery in the camp, Oure Cassoni camp, Eastern Chad.

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American Jewish World Service/R Messinger(5.58 MB)

Oure Cassoni, Eastern Chad.

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American Jewish World Service/R Messinger(5.24 MB)

Plastic sheeting used as roofs over school space is shredded from two months of harsh weather, Oure Cassoni.

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American Jewish World Service(1.41 MB)

Ruth Messinger with Darfuri newborn

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American Jewish World Service/R Messinger(4.27 MB)

The reproductive health clinic, Oure Cassoni refugee camp, Eastern Chad.

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R Messinger(5.13 MB)

This child’s red hair is a sign of protein deficiency or malnutrition, Eastern Chad.

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American Jewish World Service/R Messinger(2.98 MB)

Two children, one caring for a sibling as is often the case, Oure Cassoni, Eastern Chad.

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