Next Year in a Just World

Download AJWS’s Global Justice Haggadah and Seder resources to bring our ancient story of freedom into the 21st century, inspiring action to build a better world.

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This Passover, bring social justice to the Seder table with the AJWS Haggadah: Next Year in a Just World. Use this Haggadah to spark meaningful conversations at your Seder — and connect our shared story of liberation with fighting for freedom around the world today.

We’ve also created a set of Seder table place cards — each with questions to open meaningful conversations about social justice, human rights, and how we can all take action to create a better world. You can download these new place cards below.

Our Seder reading An Exodus in Our Time: A Reflection on the Rohingya Crisis calls our community to stop the horrific ethnic cleansing taking place today against the Rohingya people of Burma. The story of our persecution and exile, we know, has been shared with countless other communities through history — and the Rohingya crisis continues today. You can find a downloadable and printable version below.