AJWS focuses on restoring civil and political rights for all in Honduras, where criminal activity and government instability have injected violence into civilians’ daily lives.

The Problems

Since the 2009 ousting of Honduras’s democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya, the country has experienced a tide of rising criminal activity and political instability.

The murder rate in Honduras is now the highest in the world, and many of the victims have been human rights activists, journalists, judges and other legal professionals working to expose injustice, corruption and impunity. Freedom of the press has deteriorated in Honduras, in large part due to a violent and unstable socio-political climate, and hundreds of people from Honduras are seeking refuge in other countries—including the United States.

Although everyone in Honduras must cope with this frightening state of affairs, women, indigenous people, LGBT people and racial minorities must contend with additional risks and challenges because of the discrimination they face every day.

Our Solutions

AJWS is committed to helping Honduras’s oppressed people advocate for human rights. Our grantees are:

  • Documenting human rights abuses and raising awareness of these violations, across the country and internationally
  • Advocating for laws and policies that protect the human rights of women, LGBT people and other marginalized groups
  • Educating these groups about their rights and deepening their leadership skills
  • Creating safety and security plans for activists at risk

More than 90 people have been killed in recent years in land disputes in the Bajo Aguán Valley, most of them since 2009.

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Since 2010, Honduras has had the highest murder rate in the world.

Build a Better World


34 percent of child migrants from Honduras identified violence as a motive for leaving their home country.

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