Burma Resources

Are you traveling with us? Or just interested in learning more about human rights issues in Burma (Myanmar)? Below is a list of books and articles that we recommend to delve deeper into this topic.

Audio and Video Stories

NPR’s Planet Money on Burma opening up after many years of isolation
PBS Newshour on recent anti-Muslim violence in Burma


The Economist’s special report on Burma’s fledgling democracy and emerging business and political issues
The New York Times’ latest updates on Burma

AJWS’s Blog, Global Voices

On Aung San Suu Kyi accepting the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal
On Burma’s history and how it will impact the country’s future
On the refugee crisis along the Burma-China border

AJWS Case Study

The Story of Our Impact: Supporting the Movement for a Free and Democractic Burma, 2002-2012


Freedom from Fear and Other Writings and Letters from Burma by Aung San Suu Kyi (Nonfiction)
Burmese Days: A Novel by George Orwell (Fiction from British colonial period and Orwell’s first novel)


Looking for a brief overview? Lonely Planet offers a thorough synopsis here.