The Rohingya Crisis: 1 Year Later

One year ago, the Burmese military unleashed a coordinated campaign of unspeakable violence on the Rohingya people of Burma—burning villages, murdering civilians, raping women and girls and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee to Bangladesh. Over 700,000 Rohingya people now live in dangerous overcrowded and under-resourced refugee camps in Bangladesh.

A year after this crisis intensified, Rohingya people are still far from being able to live with dignity and realize their full human rights. As Jews and global citizens, we cannot remain silent as the Rohingya people of Burma face annihilation because of their religion and ethnicity. ‘Never Again’ means ‘Never Again’ for anyone, anywhere. That’s why AJWS is working to provide immediate and long-term humanitarian aid to refugees who have fled across the border into Bangladesh. We are also supporting Rohingya human rights activists in Burma and around the world in their efforts to stop military violence against the Rohingya community.

Want to get involved? Here are several ways you can raise your voice and help the Rohingya people live with safety, dignity and human rights.

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    • One year ago, members of the Burmese military unleashed unspeakable violence on the Rohingya people of Burma, because of their ethnicity and religion. When we said ‘never again, we meant ‘never again’ for anyone, anywhere.
    • It’s been one year since violence motivated by ethnic and religious hatred forced 700,000+ Rohingya people to flee their homes to refugee camps in Bangladesh. They still face enormous challenges. Please donate today.
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