Mapping OurImpact

In 2011, AJWS supported 412 social change organizations in 31 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.* Our grantees worked in some of the world's poorest communities to create deep and lasting change. They empowered people confronting poverty and injustice to rise up, speak out and claim their human rights.

To deepen the impact of our grantmaking, AJWS placed 394 Jewish volunteers with our grantees and partners in 2011, where they helped build organizational capacity and gained first-hand experience of the power of tikkun olam.

    Right Left
    1. Senegal8 Grantees,17 Volunteers
    2. Nigeria8 Grantees
    3. Chad2 Grantees
    4. Sudan4 Grantees
    5. Ethiopia7 Grantees
    6. Liberia12 Grantees
    7. Kenya22 Grantees,6 Volunteers
    8. Ghana5 Grantees,48 Volunteers
    9. D.R. Congo10 Grantees
    10. Uganda29 Grantees,33 Volunteers
    11. Zambia4 Grantees
    12. Zimbabwe13 Grantees
    13. South Africa7 Grantees
    1. Mexico9 Grantees,75 Volunteers
    2. Honduras3 Grantees
    3. Haiti32 Grantees
    4. Dominican Republic5 Grantees
    5. Guatemala18 Grantees
    6. El Salvador13 Grantees
    7. Colombia11 Grantees
    8. Nicaragua8 Grantees,145 Volunteers
    9. Peru12 Grantees,14 Volunteers
    10. Bolivia11 Grantees
    1. Pakistan8 Grantees
    2. Burma18 Grantees
    3. Thailand15 Grantees,8 Volunteers
    4. Afghanistan5 Grantees
    5. Cambodia18 Grantees,5 Volunteers
    6. Indonesia8 Grantees
    7. India46 Grantees,43 Volunteers
    8. Sri Lanka16 Grantees

*AJWS awarded additional grants to 97 organizations in 2011 through a donor-advised fund, increasing our breadth as a funder of human rights work.

About AJWS

Inspired by Judaism's commitment to justice, American Jewish World Service works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world.

About this report

This is a Web-only annual report. No paper, period! This change saved AJWS thousands of dollars that we can now spend fighting poverty and defending human rights. Going online also saved 30 tons of wood and 206,173 gallons of water. It prevented 18,575 lbs of greenhouse gases from polluting our air and kept 23,443 lbs of solid waste out of our landfills! Now that's savings we're proud of.