AJWS offers profound thanks to each of our donors. Without the generosity of these dedicated individuals and foundations, our work would not be possible.

$100,000 and aboveback to top

Rosalind and J. Adam Abram
AJG Foundation
Arcus Foundation
Brenda Berry and Jonathan Lopatin
Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation
Joshua Blum
The Nathan Cummings Foundation
Dell’Isola Revocable Intervivos Trust
Rita and Harold Divine Foundation
Dobkin Family Foundation
Einhorn Family Charitable Trust
Everett Foundation

Ford Foundation
Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund
Gottesman Fund
Della Greenfield Administrative Trust
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
Felicia and Benjamin Horowitz
The Mendelsohn Family Fund
Vivian and Edward Merrin
Professor David W. Mills
Nike Foundation
Suzanne and Andrew Offit

Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker
   Family Foundation
The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Repair the World
Sarlo Foundation of the Jewish
   Community Endowment Fund,
   San Francisco, CA
Charles and Lynn Schusterman
   Family Foundation
Andrew and Bonnie Weiss Foundation
Anonymous (4)

$50,000 – 99,999back to top

Debbie M. and William P. Becker
Bezalel Foundation
Morton K. and Jane
   Blaustein Foundation
Lawrence Cohen
Rabbi Judith Edelstein and James Meier
The Eucalyptus Foundation
Joyce and Irving Goldman
   Family Foundation
Robert J. Haber
Jim Joseph Foundation
Johnson & Johnson
The Kaminer Foundation

Laura Heller Lauder and Gary Lauder
Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine
Lilo and Gerard Leeds
Kathleen and Richard Levin
Amy Mandel and Katina Rodis Fund
Phyllis Mandler and Gary Elden
Jimena Martinez and Michael Hirschhorn
The Morningstar Foundation
The Overbrook Foundation
The Picower Foundation
Polk Bros Foundation
Righteous Persons Foundation
Sunny and Abe Rosenberg Foundation

Rothman Family Foundation
Samueli Foundation
Stephanie and James G. Sokolove
Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust
Winograd-Hutner Family
Diane and Howard Wohl
   Family Foundation
Vincent Worms/Tsadik Fund of the
   Tides Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Carole and Saul Zabar
The Ziegler Family Trust
Anonymous (3)

$25,000 – 49,999back to top

Lisa and David Auerbach
The Barrington Foundation
Dr. Marion Bergman and
   Stanley Bergman
Carole Ann Berkowitz
Jan and Larry Birenbaum
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
The Samuel Bronfman Foundation,
   Edgar M. Bronfman
The Hyman B. and Estelle
   Carroll Foundation
Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation
The Crown Family
Katherine D’Amora and Avram Hornik
Dorot Foundation
Debra and Scott Edelman
The Engelberg Foundation
Miriam Findley and Dr. David O. Findley
The Renée B. Fisher Foundation
Frankel Family Foundation
Linda and Sandy Gallanter
Estelle Friedman Gervis Foundation
Sarah and Seth M. Glickenhaus
Jacob and Malka Goldfarb
   Charitable Foundation
Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
Sally Gottesman

Lois and Dick Gunther
Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation
The Hellman Family Foundation
Key Foundation
Klarman Family Foundation
The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund
Landau Family Foundation
Estate of Ralph V. La Polla
Leslie Family Foundation
Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation /
   Marcella Kanfer Rolnick and
   Joshua N.K. Rolnick
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
LLS Foundation
Marra Foundation
Manuel D. & Rhoda
   Mayerson Foundation
Mazal Foundation
Richard Meier Foundation
Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family
   Charitable Trust
Lisa and Yaron Minsky-Primus
Hanna and Jeffrey Moskin Family Fund
   at the New York Community Trust,
   New York, NY
Leo and Libby Nevas Family Foundation
Phillips Philanthropic Fund

Rita Poretsky Foundation
Louis and Harold Price Foundation
The Public Theater, New York, NY
The REAM Foundation
Resnick Family Foundation
Rivendell Foundation
Michele and Stan Rosen and Judy
   and Krijn de Jonge
Lori and Bruce Rosenblum
Julie Goldman Rosner and Robert Rosner
The Rothman Family Foundation
Drorit and Barry Rudin
Lela and Gerry Sarnat
Frances E. Scher
Elizabeth Scheuer and Peter Joseph
S.H. and Helen R. Scheuer
   Family Foundation
The Evan and Tracy Segal
   Family Foundation
Robert Sillins Family Foundation
The Allen A. Stein Family Foundation
Merle and Michael Tarnow
Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
Debra and Glenn Weinberg
Wolfensohn Family Foundation
Anonymous (8)

$10,000 – 24,999back to top

The Aaron Foundation
Sarah Allen and Marty Friedman
Anbinder Family Foundation
Patricia Arnold and William Wardlaw
Carol Auerbach and Albert Berger
Philip and Daniele Barach Foundation
Donna Barrows and Dr. William Barrows
Marc Baum
Rachel Bendit and Mark Bernstein
Bernstein-Lipsett Family Fund
Gloria and Mark Bieler
Susan and Eliot Black
Bloomberg, L.P.
The Sally W. Bock Family
   Charitable Fund
Bridgeway Foundation
Calvert Social Investment Foundation
Challah for Hunger, Austin, TX
Ellen and Marshall Cole
David and Ruth S. Coleman Foundation
Dana Corvin and Harris Weinberg
Drs. Nancy J. Crown and Sam Weisman
Marc David Foundation
Nicole and Ronn Davids
Sarah and Paul Densen
   Charitable Foundation
Dobkin Family Foundation -
   Director’s Discretionary Fund
Doppelt Family Foundation of the
   Jewish Federation of Palm Beach
   County, Washington, DC
Jamie Dubey
Mark R. Eaker
Edouard Foundation
Cheryl and Alex Ehrlich
Barbara and Joseph Ellis
Lois and Richard England
   Family Foundation
Eileen and Richard Epstein
Epstein Teicher Philanthropies
Sandy Falk and Dan Judson
Feinstein Foundation
Dr. Deborah L. Feldheim
The Moses Feldman Family Foundation
The Fife Cragin Charitable Trust
The Fine and Greenwald Foundation
Ellen and Franklin Paradise Fisher
Joel L. Fleishman
Lynne Weinstein Frank and
   Rabbi Adam Frank
Susan Freedman and
   Rabbi Richard Jacobs
Morris F. Friedell
Mr. and Mrs. William Friedlander
Eleanor Friedman and Jonathan Cohen
Phyllis K. Friedman
Friedman Heiman Philanthropic Fund
Tamar and Kenneth Frieze
Robert J. Frisby Foundation
Andrew Goffe and Jeffrey Levin
Dorian S. Goldman and Marvin Israelow
Phyllis Teicher Goldman and
   Alvin Goldman
Vicki and John Goldwyn
Amy Gordon and Daniel Dunn
Jane Gottesman and Geoffrey Biddle
Lillian and Richard Gray

Margee and Douglas Greenberg
Alice and Steven Greenwald
Asseo Griliches Combined Jewish
   Philanthropies Endowment Fund,
   Cambridge, MA
Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation
Marilyn and Mike Grossman Foundation
Miriam Grynberg
GT Foundation
Agnes Gund and Daniel Shapiro
Janice H. Halpern
Milton and Miriam Handler Foundation
Mark Heiman Family Foundation
Anita Hirsh
Joan and Peter Hoffman
The Victor and Lorraine Honig Fund
   of the Common Counsel Foundation,
   Oakland, CA
Janice Honigberg and John Hedges
The Audrey and Sydney Irmas
   Charitable Foundation
The Samuel and Anna Jacobs Foundation
Maria and Greg Jobin-Leeds
Linda Heller Kamm
Evan Kanon
Sharon Karmazin
Ziva Freiman Katz and Paul Katz
Wendy Kleckner and
   Dr. Howard Kleckner
Mary Kostman
Jocelyn and Daniel Krifcher
Tony Kushner
Ovadia Labaton
Ilene Lainer and Steve Kantor
Landsman Charitable Foundation
Ray Lee and Gustav Ranis
Ruth Lepson Charitable Foundation
Peachy and Mark Levy
Henry Lipschutz
Sara Moore Litt and Dr. Andrew Litt
JoEllen and Don Loeb
Martha Klein Lottman
Diane and Darryl Mallah
   Family Foundation
Sheldon Mallah
Stacy Mandel and Keith Palagye
Dr. Ralph A. Massey
Helen and William Mazer Foundation
Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger,
Los Angeles, CA
Barbara J. Meislin/Purple Lady Fund
Ruth Messinger and Andrew Lachman
Naomi and Alan Miller
Mills Family Foundation
Joanne Moore
Carolyn Murray and Bradley Abelow
Andrew E. Nagel
Roy S. Neff
Newman’s Own Foundation
Ilana Nossel and Jordan Kolar
Ostara, a Supporting Foundation of
   the Jewish Community Federation of
   Cleveland, OH
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Linda and Jerome Paros
Kathleen Peratis and Richard Frank
Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation

Abigail Pogrebin and David Shapiro
Bonnie Potter
Joni and Russ Pratt
Lisa and Daniel Price
Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund
Erica Mann Ramis and Harold Ramis
Renaissance Foundation
Charles H. Revson Foundation
Lauren Richman and Joel P. Trachtman
Sheri and Paul Robbins
Linda and Kenneth Robin
Sheldon Rose
Sandra and William Rosenfeld
The Edward John and Patricia
   Rosenwald Foundation
Lawrence J. and Anne
   Rubenstein Foundation
The David & Eleanore Rukin
   Philanthropic Foundation
Amy and Eric Sahn
San Diego Walk for Darfur Fund of the
   Jewish Community Foundation,
   San Diego, CA
Rowland and Sylvia Schaefer
   Family Foundation
Schafer Family Fund of the Jewish
   Community Endowment Fund,
   San Francisco, CA
Jodi Schiller and Benjamin Douglas
Jolie Schwab and David Hodes
Donna and Marvin Schwartz
Leslie C. Seeman and David M. Becker
The Max and Bella Shulman
   Charitable Fund
Rose L. Shure
Norma and Ernie Siegler Family
   Foundation of the Jewish Community
   Federation of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
Sarah Silverman
Silverweed Foundation
Morris & Fannie Skilken
   Family Foundation
South Peninsula Jewish Community Teen
   Foundation, a program of the JCEF,
   San Francisco, CA
Stainman Family Foundation
Ronna Stamm and Paul Lehman
Deborah and Daniel Stone
Nancy and Sam Sutton
Ted Sutton
Dr. Ingrid Tauber
Paul J. Taubman
Bonnie Thomson and Eugene Tillman
Norman and Carol Traeger Foundation
Alexei Tylevich
Wangers Family Fund of the Jewish
   Community Foundation, San Diego, CA
Butch Weaver
Francine Lavin Weaver
Weinstein Foundation, Inc.
Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation
Abigail Yasgur and Joseph Lipner
Joyce Zinbarg Rosenthal and
   Steve Rosenthal
Zodiac Fund, Inc.
Anonymous (19)

$5,000 – 9,999back to top

Audrey R. Adelson
Karen Adler and Laurence Greenwald
Samuel I. Adler Family
   Supporting Foundation
Michael Albert
The Angell Foundation
Apsler Fund of The Oregon Community
   Foundation, Portland OR
Cristina Arumi
Lucy and Peter Ascoli
Paula and Hal Baron
Mara and Danny Baror
Jane and George Bean
Oscar and Anna Bentley
   Charitable Foundation
Nicole and Dave Berger
Ronit Jeanine Berkovich
Dr. Joseph I. Berman
Jessica Bernhardt and Theodore Goldstein
Mark W. Bernstein
Martin Birnbach
Nancy and Joseph Blum and Family
Stanley Blumenfeld
Harriet Bograd and Kenneth Klein
Bresky Foundation
Bridgewater Associates
Edith and Howard Brown
Ann L. and Lawrence B. Buttenwieser
Center for Leadership
   Initiatives, Incorporated
Jason Cernansky
Challah for Hunger of Claremont College,
   Claremont, CA
Charina Foundation
Barbara and Peter Cohen
Drs. Lisa Cohen and John Freedman
Cohn Family Fund
The Clarence B. Coleman and Joan F.
   Coleman Foundation
Lee and Barbara Mellman Davis Fund
Rosalee and Richard Davison
D&D Fund
Alisa and Daniel Doctoroff
Martin J. Dreyfuss
Lori Oleinick Dube and Monte Dube
Douglas Durst
Susan Edelheit and Dr. Lewis Edelheit
Lisa and Mitchell Eisen
Catherine S. England Fund
Feinberg Foundation
Linda and Frank Fialkoff
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund,
   Cincinnati, OH
The Findom
Shelley Fischel and Dr. Robert Fischel
Cheri Fox
Frank Family Foundation
Rhoda Freedberg
Karen Freedman and Roger Weisberg
Gigi and Samuel Fried
Judith Garson and Steven Rappaport
Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation
Audrey Gerson
Albert Glickman Family Foundation
Rabbis Elaine Glickman and
   Brenner Glickman
Glynton Handkerchief Company, LLC
A & D Goldberg Family Fund
Jackson and Irene Golden 1989
   Charitable Trust
David Goldhill
Hymen and Sadie Goldman Memorial
   Philanthropic Fund
Katya Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt
Arlene and Arnold Goldstein
   Family Foundation
Lynda M. Goldstein
Gregory Gottlieb
Michael Gould
Diane and Marc Greenwald
Frank and Roslyn Grobman Foundation
Marlene and Marshall Grossman
Celeste Grynberg and Jack Grynberg
The Ada G. and Stanley I.
   Halbreich Foundation
Dena and Felda Hardymon
Rita and Steven Harowitz
The Louis J. and Ruth G. Herr Foundation

Herson-Stirman Family Foundation
Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin
   Family Fund
Shira and Jeffrey Hochberg
Dr. Annette Hollander and
   Myron Kaplan
Babette Solon Hollister
Mrs. Saul Horowitz, Jr.
Joanne Hovis and Andrew Afflerbach
Hyman Family Foundation
I Do Foundation, Washington, DC
Stephanie Ives and Yehuda Kurtzer
Samita and Howard Jacobs
Bobbie and Steve Jellinek
Ellen and Eric Joss
Jane Kahn and Michael Bien
Alice Kaplan
Muriel Kaplan
Roslyn Kaplan and Family Fund of The
   Pittsburgh Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA
Karma Foundation
Clara Kates
Alison Katz
The Katzin Foundation
Kehillat Israel Tzedakah Teens,
   Pacific Palisades, CA
Patricia Kenner
Rhoda and Jay Klarsfeld
Gary & Helen Altman Klein
   Philanthropic Fund
Joan and Robert Klivans
Martina and Mike Knee
Lillian Knell Philanthropic Fund
Norman and Judith Jo Kreiss
   Family Foundation
The Mark Krueger Charitable Trust
Landman Family Charitable Foundation
Frances Wise Lang and H. Jack Lang
Rabbi Steven Leder
Joan Lee
Frances and Elliot Lehman
Nanci Garoon Leigner and
   Frank Leigner Family
Samuel Marcus Leonard
Bar Mitzvah Fund
Helaine and Sidney Lerner
Lerner Family Foundation
Rabbi Marion Lev-Cohen and
   Steven M. Lev Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Levinson
Kay and Marc Levinson
Sandra and Jack Levitt
Dr. Joseph M. Levy
Sarah Liron and Sheldon Kahn
Ellen Livingston and Jason Brown
Eric and Greta Livingston
   Philanthropic Fund
Loughlin Meghji and
   Company, Incorporated
Judith and Mark Lowenstein
Mailman School of Public Health,
   Columbia University, New York, NY
Peter M. Mancoll
F. Howard Mandel
Norma and Milton Mann
   Family Foundation
Trisha and Fred Margulies
Marin Jewish Community Teen
   Foundation, Los Altos, CA
Carl Marks Foundation
Mazur Family Foundation
Susan and Thomas Meier
Janice Meister
Nancy Merrell and John Lang
Daryl Messinger and Jim Heeger
Roslyn Milstein Meyer and
   Jerome Meyer Foundation
Rabbi Shira Milgrom and Dr. David Elcott
The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation
Karen Handelsman Moore and
   Adrian Moore
Emily and Steven Moskowitz
New Prospect Foundation
Michelle Ores and Charles Schorin
Peg and Jeffrey Padnos
Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning’s
   JYPI Program, Rockville, MD
Lucille and Jonathan Penner

Pfizer Foundation
Phillips-Green Foundation
Bernard M. Plum
Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family
   Foundation, Chevy Chase, MD
Gabriel Posner
Judith and Louis Premselaar
Jo-Ann and Michael Price
Margot and Thomas Pritzker
Jill Prosky and Jim Posner
Elisa Rapaport and Michael Schoenbaum
Kathleen Reich and Kenneth Meyer
Alison and Arnold Richman
Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation
RMH Foundation
Peter J. Robinson
Howie and Susie Rodenstein Fund
Karen and Charlie Roemer in memory of
   Steven L. Roemer
Ron Rosansky
Joan and Seth Rosen
Denise and Gary Rosenberg
Margery Rosenberg
Shelley and Noah Rosenberg
Terry Rosenberg and the William
Rosenberg Family Foundation Fund
Barry J. Rosenthal
Doug and Robyn Ross Family Foundation
Marjorie B. Roswell
May and Samuel Rudin
Family Foundation
Lori and Jonathan Sallet
Deb Sawyer and Wayne Martinson
Marla Schaefer and Steven Weishoff
Irving and Geraldine Schaffer Foundation
Jason Schall
Benjamin and Sophie Scher
   Charitable Foundation
Kay and Stanley Schlozman
Amy Schottenfels and Jonathan Klein
Peg and Stephen Senturia
The Shapiro Family Foundation
Betty and Stanley Sheinbaum
Elizabeth and David Sherman
Bettina and Martin J. Siegel
Gene and Judy Siegel Fund of the Jewish
   Community Foundation, San Diego, CA
Marcia L. Silver
Sheila Small and Dr. Bernard E. Small
Bruce, Steven, Gerald and Diane
   Solomon Fund of the Jewish
   Community Foundation, San Diego, CA
Linda and Arnold Spellun
Ben W. Spiller
Janet Spitzer and Dr. Gilbert Spitzer
Faith Stagg Fund of the Jewish
   Community Foundation, San Diego, CA
Michelle Tycher Stein
Anne and David Steirman
Stenn Family Foundation
Heidi Stewart and John Weinstein
Louise Sunshine and Martin Begun
Pinchas Aaron Sunshine
   Philanthropic Fund
Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum and
   Charles Tanenbaum
Arlene Bonnie Tenenbaum and Jay
   Martin Tenenbaum
John M. and Joan F. Thalheimer
   Family Foundation
Jennie Lee Thompson and Robert J. Levy
Vollrath Family Fund
The Weber School, Atlanta, GA
Emanuel and Anna Weinstein
   Family Foundation
Judy and Ken Weinstein
Miriam Weinstein
Carol A. Weitz
Frederic B. White
Tina and Larry Wiener
The Joseph and May
   Winston Foundation
Barbara and Mordechai Winter
Stefani Wolff
Miriam and Robert Zadek
Naomi L. Zikmund-Fisher
Lisa Zwerling and Ron Birnbaum
Anonymous (32)

$2,500 – 4,999back to top

Elaine and Hirschel Abelson
The Abraham Joshua Heschel School,
   New York, NY
Jamie Adler and Dr. Hilton Adler
Dr. Timothy W. Aiken
Debra Strear Aleinikoff
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Alexander
Amcha for Tsedakah, College Park, MD
Anyone Can Whistle Foundation
Andrey Apinis
Deena Aranoff
Joan and Robert Arnow
Hope and Arnold Asrelsky
Bachmann Family Foundation
Rachel and Jay Baker
Meredith and Andrew Ball
Robert Bank and Alan Cohen
Baxt Family Foundation
Joseph Becker
Karyn and Charles Bendit
Ellen Bernstein
Better Way Foundation
BFK Foundation
Rachel and David Biale
Raquel Bierzwinsky
Philip Birnbaum Foundation
Joyanne Bloom
Linda Blum and Jeremy Merrin
Blywise and Steier Family
B’nai Tzedek Teen Philanthropy Program,
   West Springfield, MA
Elise Scheck Bonwitt and Gil Bonwitt
Naomi F. Botkin and Joshua L. Gordon
Ghislaine Boulanger and
    Charles Kadushin
Pamela Brier and Peter Aschkenazy
Lewis Brounell Charitable Trust
Drs. Mimi Bussan and Fred B. Schneider
Peter L. Buttenwieser
Donald and Carole Chaiken Foundation
Challah For Hunger - Pomona College,
   Claremont, CA
Patricia and Lewis Chamoy
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Clark
Elaine and Paul Cohen
Lori and Gary Cohen
Lori Cohen and Christopher Rothko
The Manny and
   Ruthy Cohen Foundation
Suzanne F. Cohen
Teri and Alan G. Cohen
Emily Michael Cohn and
   Benjamin M. Cohn
Marsha and Richard Cohn
Jennifer Cole
Lois K. Conway
David M. Cook Foundation
Susan and Mark Cooper
Bonnie and Bob Cooperman
Lois and Marvin Cowan
Robin and George Dalsheimer
Suzy and Larry Daniels
Dershowitz Family Fund
The Diamond Family
Rabbi Leah R. Doberne-Schor
Sylvia Dombrowski
Judith Donath Family Foundation
Shelby Drescher
Eva Andersson Dubin and Glenn Dubin
Marybeth Dugan and
   Kenneth Dalsheimer
Deborah Edidin, MD and Gary Edidin
Epic Systems Corporation
Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective,
   Washington, DC
Dean Feldman
Freddi Finegood and Ethan Horwitz
Beth and Alex Finger
Margot H. Finn
Neville Frankel
Jill Friedlander and Michael Goroff
Jane Grenadier Friedman and
   Robert Friedman
Kristin and Gary Friedman
Don and Janie Friend Family
Philanthropic Fund
Linda and Michael Frieze
From Kids To Kids, Saint Louis, MO
Florence and Meyer Frucher
Nancy Freeman Gans and
   Dr. Jerome S. Gans
Dr. Susan Garetz and Matthew Shapiro
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Lynne E. Gedanken
Anne and Dan Gelb
Julie Gersten and Greg Sharenow
Gess Donor Fund
Dr. Barbara Gold and Stephen Gold
Rita S. Gold Foundation
Annelise Goldberg and Aaron M. Roland
Max and Anne Goldberg Foundation
Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein
The Goodfriend Family
Marcy and Bennett Grau
Jill M. Greenberg
Ellen Grobman
Mignon and James Groch
Amy and Ronald Guttman
Belle Linda Halpern and
   Mitchell Rosenberg

Debby J. Ham and Douglas G. Kantor
John H. Hart Foundation
Erika and Sheldon Hearst
Tamara Heimlich and
   Steven Mermelstein
Judith N. Herr
Karen and Brendan Herron
Karen and Robert Herz
Melissa and Jeffrey Hessekiel
Harriet Heyman and Michael Moritz
Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman
Sally Hoffman
Jonathan Hollander
Terry and Todd Holzman
Elissa Horowitz
Sarah and Jordan Hymowitz
Feygele Jacobs and
   Michael Cholden-Brown
Marti and Ray Jacobs
Nanette and Daniel Jacobson
Trudy and Howard Jacobson
The Jacobson Group, Chicago, IL
Dr. David Jaffe and Mrs. Brenda Jaffe
Helen Jankoski in memory of
   Ralph Schacter and Leo Nevas
Alice Jarcho and Thomas Gallagher
JBS Foundation
Carla and Martin Kaatz
Sherry and Stewart Kahn
George Kaiser Family Foundation
The Kaplan Family
Kaplan Family Foundation
Deborah Karpatkin and Ian Benjamin
Jan Hack Katz and Harry Katz
Judy and David Katz
The Kaufmann Foundation
Dr. Ira G. Kawaller
Ellen Kiam
Patricia and Richard Kirschner
Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern LLP
Jennifer Kleinbaum and Ernie Gremillion
Aliza Knox and Linton Atlas
Robin Kosberg
Sheri and Jimmy Krell
The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation
Lucy and David Kurtzer-Ellenbogen
Nancy Laben and Jonathan Feiger
Johnnie and Gerard Lachman
Lee and Luis Lainer
Richard Lambert
Wendy Landman and Joel Weissman
Anne and Seymour Lapporte
Elizabeth and Scott Lassar
Mindy Lauerlevin and Edward Levin
Ann Lederer and Robert Hickler
Anne P. Lederer Research Institute
Arline Lederman and Edward Friedman
Joan Levenson and Dr. Jeffrey Levenson
Debra Fried Levin and Joshua Levin
Dorothy Levine
Mark Levine
Ronnie and Michael Levine
Laila L. Levitas
Meryl Lewis
Stuart Licht
David Lidsky Charitable Lead Trust
Robyn Lipton and Bruce Kuhlik
Laura Liu and Kenneth Pomerantz
Thomas H. Lurie
Jennifer Notis Lyss and Gregory Lyss
Teri Marcus MacDuff and
   Ian Douglas Macduff
Alice Norman Mandel and
   Richard Mandel
Debbie and Michael Margolis
Joseph Mark
Mark-Lis Family Philanthropic Fund
Neal E. Martin
Eleanor Melamed and Robert Sonenthal
David and Holly Mendel Fund
Richard Mermin
Lora and Jim Meyer
Nancy Meyer and Marc Weiss
Myriam Miedzian
Deborah Barak Milgrom and
   Etan Milgrom
Carol Yanowitz Miller and Bruce Miller
Laura Gorenstein Miller and Chris Miller
Dr. Linda B. Miller
Ami and Bill Minteer
Jack Needleman
Melanie and Allan Nelkin
Jen and David Nevas
New Tamarind Foundation
Jane Newman and Amy Lange
Grace Newton and David Weinberg
The Nike Family
Diane Nissen and Jerry Gollub
Dr. Daniela Nittenberg
Howard Pasternak
Dr. Jolie Pataki
Drs. Kala Paul and James Paul
Janet Levy Pauli
Jerilyn and Brian Perman
Robin and Steven Pollens
Drs. Maria A. Ponsillo and
   Arthur P. Rabinowitz
Neil and Marilyn Port Family Foundation
Elizabeth Ehrlich Potok and Leon Potok
Francesca Ronnie Primus Foundation

Carol Prins and John Hart -
   The Jessica Fund
William H. Prusoff Foundation
Susan Raanan and Robert Fleischer
Debra Raskin and Michael Young
Meg and Jonathan Ratner
Jane Reece
Victoria Reichenberg and
   Dr. Justin Graham
Paula and Daniel Reingold
Rabbi Dorothy Richman and
   Mike Steinman
Miriam and Stephen Ritchie
Judith Robin and Benjamin Hollister
Faith Roessel and Matthew Slater
James Rosen Charitable Foundation
Ann Rosenberg and Lawrence Kampel
Kathy and Howard Rosof
Deborah and Darren Ross
Francine and Marc Roston
Seymour and Sylvia Rothchild Family
   2004 Charitable Foundation
Louisa Rubinfien and Jacob Schlesinger
Michael B. Rukin
David S. Sabih
Robyn Samuels and Bruce Shragg
Joan M. Saslow and Edward Klagsbrun
Sheira and Steven J. Schacter
Peter Schattner
Ruth Scherr and Dr. John M. Scherr
Rabbi Rachel Schoenfeld
Vicky Nizri Schoenfeld and
   Daniel Mayer Foulkes
Andrew J. Schorr
Barbara Schreiber and Michael Lambert
Sherry Schreiber
Michael G. Schwarz
Patricia and Stephen Segal
Sheila and Daniel Segal
Sarene Shanus and Harold Treiber
The Charles R.S. Shepard Charitable Lead
   Philanthropy Fund
Matthew Sheridan and Wayne Sheridan
Joan and Jonah* Sherman
Judy and Jack Sherman
Adam Silbar
Susan Silver and Dr. Brent Silver
Lisa and Sidney Silverman
Riva Silverman and Abram Heisler
Jennifer and Manfred Simchowitz
Elaine Sisman and Martin Fridson
Mary Gambrill Slavet
Polly and Arnold Slavet
Steven Slutzky
Robert Small
Julia Kelly Smith and Colin P. Smith
Warren D. Snaider
Rabbi Felicia L. Sol
Susan Lewis Solomont and
   Alan Solomont
Murial and Stuart Spitz
Elana Spitzberg
Lori Stein and Robert C. Welch
Shelah Stein
Marian and Robert Stern
Toby Sternlieb
Lori Strasberg
Carol Strauss
Karen and Mark Strauss
Ellen and Eric Sundel
Lila Swedarsky
David B. Sykes Family Foundation
Newman Tanner Foundation
Emily Thalheimer-Reiner and
   Richard Reiner
The Tilles Family
Donna and Eric Tobin
Marjorie and L. Brian Tommer
Jane Toussaint and James Fenn
Naomi and Robert Tuchmann
Jan S. Tuttleman Family Fund of the
   Jewish Community Foundation,
   San Diego, CA
Linda Tzoref
Elizabeth and Thomas Uhlman
Gail Ullman and Dr. Richard Ullman
Caroline Idinopulos Vigran
Jennifer and Gary Vigran
Daniel Volberg
Milton and Miriam Waldbaum
   Family Foundation
Allison and Jonathan Wecker
Denis Weil Social Action Fund
Dana Weinberg
Julia S. Weinberg
Debra Lewin Weiner and
   Andrew Weiner
Laurence Weinstein
Herbert and Eleanore Weiss Family Fund
Ruth Wenger and Jonathan Markowitz
Deborah and Peter Wexler
Natalie Wexler and James Feldman
Stacy Yucht and Jeff Gottlieb
Diane and Howard Zack
Dr. Norma Zack and Arnold Zack
Zelda Zinn
Anne Zishka and Elliot Bien
Eleanor L. Zuckerman
Diane Zultowsky and Dr. Alec Cecil
Anonymous (24)

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Diane and Arthur Abbey
Anne and Andrew Abel
Emily Aber and Robert Wechsler
Dr. Jonathan I. Abrahams
Elka Abrahamson and Misha Zinkow
Susan Abramowitz and
   Aaron Samuel Gurwitz
Howard B. and Nina Dodge Abrams
   Philanthropic Fund
Susan and Allan Abravanel
Nancy Ackerman
Beverly and Barnet Adelman
Abigail Adler and Paul Abrams
Barbara and Sheldon Adler
Betsy Buchalter Adler and Barry Adler
Susan A. Adler
Susan S. Adler
Susan Agate and Michael Slutsky
Sara and Gary Ahr
Mona and Andrew Albert
Rachel Alexander
Michael Allen
Allen Family Charitable Fund of
   The Minneapolis Foundation,
   Minneapolis, MN
Alnor Oil Company, Incorporated
Alp Incorporated
Mimi and Barry Alperin
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Alpert
Fran and Bernie Alpert
Lauren and Benjamin Alschule
Liora Alschuler
Aaron Alter
Daisy and Stewart Alter
Mindi Alterman and Glenn Halff
Linda and David Altshuler
American Express Foundation
Amgen Foundation
Beulah and Ezra Amsterdam
Toby Armour
Madeleine and David Arnow
Janet and George Aronson
Gail Asper and Michael Paterson
Jonathan Atkins
Kayla Atkins
Nicole Armenta Auerbach and
   Joshua Auerbach
Ian Frederick Ausubel
Phyllis and Herbert Bachelor
Joanna and Daniel Clay Ballantine
Elena A. Balzac
Sybil and Dr. Simmy Bank
Becky Banyasz
Rachel Barbanel-Fried and
   Andrew Salama
Helen and Harris Barer
Alan M. Barnett
Allison and Daniel Baskes
Miriam and Irwin Baskind
Judith Bass and Jack Levy
Marzy and Joseph Bauer
Alvin H. Baum Family Fund
Marcia Baum
Louise and Michael Baumgartner
The Herbert Bearman
   Foundation, Incorporated
Sylvia Beck and Jay Federman
Daniel I. Becker
Stephanie and Dan Becker
Ted Becker
Susan Beckerman
Yossef Beinart
Michele and Benjamin Belfer
Sandy Bellin and Dr. Edward Leo Warren
The Bendheim Foundation
Gail Bendit and Dr. Emile Bendit
Georgette Bennett
Liz and Barry Bennett
Miriam Benor
Sarah and Mark Bunin Benor
Robin Bequet
Jonathan Berck
Peninah Chilton Berdugo and
   Albert Berdugo
Josephine and Robert Berger
Dr. Sarah Berger and Roy Goodman
Deborah Berger-Todisco and
   Larry Todisco
Claire and Arnold Berkman
Gerald E. Berlyn
Devorah and Kevin Berman
Dr. Harris A. Berman
Mandell L. and Madeleine H.
   Berman Foundation
Nancy Berman and Alan Bloch
Dr. Steven Berman
Peter M. Bernon Family Foundation
Barbara Bernstein and John Tibbetts
Elissa and Matthew Bernstein
Leonard and Ellan Bernstein
Nancy Bernstein and Robert Schoen
Pam and Martin Bernstein
Judy Bernstein-Bunzl and Nick Bunzl
Binnie and Jack Berro
Elizabeth Berry
Jessica and Naiff Bethoney
Annette Bicher and Kenneth Nechin
Pamela and Julien Bieber
Drs. Martine Binstock and Mark Binstock
Eve D. Birnbaum and
   Lawrence S. Goldberg
Steven Birnbaum
Blackhawk Co., Incorporated
Jeanne Blamey and Robert Fram
Patricia and Gus Blass
Dr. Jim Blechman
Drs. Norma Blecker and David Blecker
David L. Bleich
Howard N. Blitman
Gay Block and Malka Drucker
Penny Block and Dr. Keith Block
Judith L. Bloom
Judy and Jordan Bloom
Rosemary H. and Frank Bloom
   Special Fund of the Greater Cincinnati
   Foundation, Cincinnati, OH
Judith Bloomberg and Michael Barnett
Michael and Denise Bloomfield
Shelley Bloomfield and
   Dr. Michael Bloomfield
Caitlin Blue
M. Robert Blum
Judith A. Blumberg
Drs. Ellen Blye and Elliot Arons
Rick Bobrow
Richard Bock
Sheryl Smith Bogatz and Larry Bogatz
Ellen Beth Bogolub and Neil Friedman
Linda Boise and Steven Goldberg
Sara Bolder
John Bonavita and Harold Goldman
Victor P. Bonfilio, JD, PhD
Rabbi Ana Bonnheim
Dr. Andrew M. Bonwit
Samuel Book
Shari Landecker Bordowitz and
   Harold Bordowitz
Layton and Eugene Borkan
Linda and Ron Borkan
Mikhal and Ron Bouganim
Brandeis Hillel Day School,
   San Francisco, CA
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Jennie Brandt and Victor A. Sahn
Elizabeth Friedman Branoff and
   Steven Branoff
Dr. Barbara Brenner and
   Robert Rosengard
Phyllis and Howard Brenner
Dr. Jennifer Breznay
Dr. Barry W. Brian
Rebekah Jane Broder
Shifra Bronznick
Rabbi Sharon Brous and David Light
Robert Brown
Laura and Robert Brownstein
Eric J. Bruskin
Joan and Larry Budish
Brenda Ann Burde and Paulette S. Lipton
Seymour Burg
Marcia Burnam
Ann and Robert Buxbaum
Charles T. Cacciola
Camp Tawonga, San Francisco, CA
Roberta and William Campbell
Maria Cancian and Chuck Kalish
Barbara and Mark Cane
Cannon Family Foundation
Sylvia and Arnold Cantor
Harlene Caroline
Carylon Foundation
Kathleen M. Casey
The Catalyst Foundation
Catskill Regional Medical Center,
   Harris, NY
Pam and Robert Center
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Steve Chaiken
Jean and Neil Chaitin
Challah for Hunger at Binghamton,
   Binghamton, NY
Challah for Hunger, Scripps College,
   Claremont, CA
Chapel Hill Kehillah, Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Craig R. Charney
Rabbi Kenneth M. Chasen,
   Leo Baeck Temple, Los Angeles, CA
Sarah and Nisan Chavkin
Isaac Chestler
Miriam Chilton and Joel Dorow
Jana Clark and David Angel
Aaron D. Clift
Cogan Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish
   Community Foundation, Portland, OR
Abe M. Cohen Family Foundation
Autumn Cohen
Barbara R. Cohen and Jeffrey R. Campbell
Dennis O. Cohen
Emanuel and Anna Cohen Foundation
Etan and Emily Cohen Family Fund
James E. Cohen
Jayne Cohen and Howard Spiegler
Karen Cohen and Dr. Kenneth S. Cohen
Lawrence Cohen
Marian and Bruce Cohen
Marsha Cohen and Robert Feyer
Faith Coleman
Brooke Collier
Shahar Colt
Anna Cominsky
Robert Conde
Sharon Connor and Dr. Bradley A. Connor
Barbara and Jerry Cook
Cindi Cooper
June Cooperman and Lawrence Litvak
Drs. Maura and Paul Copeland
   and Family
Cornell University Hillel, Ithaca, NY
Rabbi Scott Corngold
Adele K. Corvin
Elaine Cory
Dr. Steven J. Covici
Lisa Cowan and Jonathan Spear
Pamela Cowan and Steve Miller
Drs. Elizabeth Coyle and Yair Grinberg
Margaret Crastnopol
Leslie Danoff
Vicki and David Dansky
Dr. Bernard Dardzinski
Peggy and Russell Dasilva
Benjamin Dattner
Dr. Laura Dattner
J. Gary Davidson
Jane and Horace Davidson
Rabbi Joshua M. Davidson’s Discretionary
   Fund, Temple Beth El of Northern
   Westchester, Chappaqua, NY
Angela Davis and Paul Rochmes
Donald G. DeBode
Barbara Deinhardt and Daniel Silverman
Tracey and Michael Delfiner
Maren Dell Memorial Fund
Jane and Ernest Dellheim
Phyllis and Jay Denbo
Carl Dennis
Robert and Cathy Dern Donor Advised
   Fund, Salt Lake City, UT
Dr. Adele D. Diamond
Diamondston Foundation
Molly and Brett Dick
Dianne Dicks
Eva Dilmanian
Dorothy and Yale Doberne
Dr. Jay Dobkin
Jill Docking
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Doctorow
Catherine and Jan Dodi
Rebecca Dollinger
Rebecca Donnellan and Nathan Karch
Gayle Donsky and Morton Stein
Carol Cone Douglas
Dr. Judy Drager-Davidoff
Dena Drasin
Gail Dratch and Dr. David Michaels
Vered Shai Drazen and Allan Drazen
Eleanor, Adam and
   Mel Dubin Foundation
Shelley and Adam Ducker
Sue Duncan Children’s
   Center Foundation
Sherri and David Durica
Sandra Edelman and
   Rabbi Burton Visotzky
Cynthia and David Edelson
Jonathan Edelstein
Zihna Edwards
Dr. Anne Ehrlich and Alfred Wodehouse
Rabbi Amy Eilberg and
   Dr. Louis Newman
Einstein-Sim Family Philanthropic Fund
Gail and Gerald Eiselman
Cara Eisen
Barbara and Barry Eisenberg
Gail and Peter Eisenberg
Keren Eisenberg and Dr. Larry Zelnick
Elizabeth and Eric Eisenstadt
Laurel and Eugene Eisner
Richard C. Elbein
The Deborah Elkins Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Elsas
Elsberg Family Foundation
Denise and David Elyanow
Dr. David Emanuel
Isaac Engel
Janine and Harvey Engel
Helen R. Engelhardt
Claire Engers and David Silberman
Jayme and Jerry Epstein
Diana Erbsen
Jeremy Erdley
Sheryl Erez
Caroline Erisman and John Silberstein
Emma Katz Essen Fund
Susan B. Evens
Rabbi Steven A. Exler
Terry and Michael Fayer
Eric Feder
Victoria and Ben Feder
Aimee Feinberg
Pamela and Richard Feinstein
Paula Feirstein and Dr. Ira Feirstein
Diana Felber
Tamar and Joe Fendel
Andrea and Mark Feshbach
Jessica and Joel Fields
Harriet and Michael Finck
The Fine Family Charitable Foundation
Ann and James Fingar
Raymond and Rhona Fink Family Fund
Raymond Firestone
Payam Firouztala
Sue Fischlowitz and David Roberts
John Fishel
Rabbi Nancy Flam and Dr. Neil Kudler
Abraham Flamholz
Marvin E. Fletcher
FNZ Foundation
Deborah and Marc Fogel
The Ford Foundation Matching Program
Miriam and Forrest Foss
Lisa Foster
The Mark Foster Family Foundation
Fox Family Foundation
Mollie and Ariel Fox
Debra Fram and Eric Schwartz
Beatrice and Lloyd Frank
Dana and Adam Frank
Robin and Jeanette Franzel
Deborah S. Freedman
Lauri and Doug Freedman
Monroe H. Freedman
Phyllis Freedman
Rebecca Goldsmith Freedman
Dr. Jeffrey M. Freilich
Rachel Fried
Stuart and Nancy Friedell
   Family Foundation
Lisa and Edward Friedland
Anita C. and Stephen B. Friedman
Ety and Charles Friedman
Fay and Fred Friedman
   Family Foundation
Karen and Edward Friedman
Lauren Friedman and Jack Himmelstein
Rebecca and David Friedman
Sandra Friedman
Philip M. Friedmann
Janine and Robert Frier
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Frieze
Rabbis Elyse Frishman and
   Daniel Freelander
Barbara and David Fromm
Lori and Simon Furie
Lawrence Gallant
Ann Gallo
Ethan R. Garber
Marianne and Stephen Garber
Robin and Stephen Garfinkel
Jennifer and Mark Garmaise
Dr. Eva Garringer
Judith and David Gayer
Alison F. Geballe
Jennifer Geetter and Joshua Segal
Ellen and Moshe Gelboim
Judith Gelman and Steven Salop
Rebecca Sue Gelman
Evelyn Georges and E.G. Gottfried
Gabriel Germanow
Alice and Jack Germond
The Gewurz Family Foundation
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School,
   Palo Alto, CA
David J. Gilberg
David Gildin
Dr. Muriel Gillick and Laurence Gillick
The Allene N. Gilman Charitable Trust
Irving L. Gilman Family Charitable Foundation
Gilson Family Fund
Susan Ginsberg and David Wasserman
Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Ginsburg
Marylyn E. Ginsburg
Lucille Gladstone
Ruth and Jack Glantz Family Foundation
Nina and Sol Glasner
Betty Glass
Shulamit Glaubach, MD
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Miriyam Glazer and Anthony Elman
Eli Glick
Gluck Family Charitable Foundation
Karen and Ricardo Godoy
Rita Sue and Alan Gold
Golda Meir Tenants Association,
   Auburndale, MA
Harriet L. Goldberg
Maxine and Marc Goldberg
Steven H. Golding
Clifford P. Goldkind
Drs. Sara Goldkind and Larry Goldkind
Irma and David Goldknopf
Abby and Rabbi Michael Goldman
Avra Goldman and Steven M. Greenberg
Goldman Sachs and Company Matching
   Gift Program
Dr. Edward J. Goldman
Frances E. Goldman
Karla Goldman
Paula K. Goldman and Bruce D. Feist
Rebecca and Mattis Goldman
Richard N. Goldman
William P. Goldman and
   Brothers Foundation
Meredith J. Goldsmith
Julie A. Goldstein
Karen Goldstein
Paul Goldstein
Elizabeth and Edwin Goldwasser
Peter Gollon
Dr. Marc J. Gollub
Joan and Joseph Goltzman
Joan and Frank Goodman
Richard B. Goodman
Rona and Harold Goodman
Dr. Judith L. Goodstein
Stella and David Goodwin
Andrea and Ken Gootnick
Deborah Gordon
Rabbi Maralee Gordon and
   Leo Schlosberg
Gordon Family Charitable Foundation
David Gosman
Lori Gosset
Linda Gottlieb and Robert Tessler
Carol and Allen Gown
Rabbi Sarah Graff and Dr. H. Scott Roy
Claire and Stanley Granowetter
Eugene and Emily Grant
   Family Foundation
Marjorie Neifeld Grayson and
   Paul Grayson
Carol and Michael Green

David Green
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Green
Dr. Robert A. Green
Roslyn Green
Stephanie Green and Zeke Vanderhoek
The Green Fund
Diane and Dr. Harry Greenberg
Susan Greenberg-Englander and
   Jeff Englander
Susan and David Greenberger
Rabbi Miriam Greenblatt and
   Neil Weidberg
Alison E. Greene and Oren J. Teicher
Kim and Cliff Greene
Harriet A. Greenfield Foundation
Joyce and Shelley Greenhaus
Leith Greenslade
Henry Greenspan
Jeffrey Greenstein
Barbara Grenell
Terry and Michael Groll
Jonathan Gross
Robert A. Gross Philanthropic Fund
I. Robert Grossman
Jean and Gene Grossman
Mary and Jerome Grossman
Doris Honig Guenter and
   Raymond Guenter
Roberta Guerette
Atul Gupta and Alan Gelman
Ann and Harold Gurian
Nancy and Kurt Gutfreund
Jimmy Gutt
Harry L. Guy
Gwendolyn General Memorial Fund of
   The Philadelphia Foundation,
   Philadelphia, PA
Shoshanah Haberman
Cathy and David Habib
Rabbi Debra Hachen and Peter Weinrobe
Sonya and Edward Halpern
Evelyn and Edward Halpert
Robin Halsband
Germaine Hampton
Blossom Handelsman
Adam Handwerker
Navah Harlow and Rabbi Jules Harlow
Ellen Harnick and Andrew Krystal
Marian Harris
Dorit E. Harverd and Richard M. Dale
J. Campbell Harvey
Margaret and Jonathan Harvey
Janice Hassenfeld
Yifat Hassid
Talia Hatzor and
   Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon
Hazon and the New York Jewish
   Environmental Bike Ride, New York, NY
David Heimowitz
Nancy and Robert Heinrich
Dr. Howard Mark Heller
Deborah and Clifford Hendler
Phyllis and Robert Henigson
Mr. and Mrs. Max Heppner
John and Rose Herman
   Support Foundation
Kate Herrod and Richard Alper
Gerald Hershkowitz
Sonia and Joseph Herson
Shirley Jean Hess
Deborah and Edward Heyman
Elaine P. Highiet
Michal and Jack Hillman
Dr. Fred Hindler
Lauren Hirsch and Joshua Thurman
Arlene and Dennis Hirschfelder
Amy and Jonathan Hochhauser
Gail Hochman and Dr. Michael H. Levi
Rabbi Howard J. Hoffman
Joel Hoffman
Karen and Lester Holtzblatt
Deborah Shulman Holzer and
   Harry J. Holzer
Jessica L. Honikman
Esther and Robert Hornik
Bethany and James Hornthal
Sharyn Horowitz
Steven J. Horowitz
Viva Rose Horowitz
Sylvia Horwitz and Dov Weitman
Artzt Howard Foundation
Joyce B. Huber
Jane and Gerald Hughes
Lawrence Hui
Hunter College Hillel, New York, NY
Dr. Mark Hurwitz
Nancy and Norman Hyams
Frances Hyman
IBM Employee Services Center
Leah Ice
Dr. Peter B. Imrey
Intel Involved Matching Grant Program
J.B. Berland Foundation
J.J. Segal Foundation
Amy Jablin-Forseter
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jacobs
Gloria Jacobs
Philip Jacobs
Rachel and J. David Jacobs
Sandra and Sidney Jacobson
Liz and Alan Jaffe
Paula and Dennis Jaffe
Jake Family Fund
Pauline Jakobsberg
Thomas Jefferson-Rosenberg Foundation
Evan Jenness
Jewish Funds for Justice, New York, NY
Jewish Theological Seminary,
   New York, NY
Armando Jinich
Ethan Johnson
Drs. Teresa Jones and Joshua Zimmerberg
Dr. Jami Josefson and Avi Josefson
Katherine Juda and Paul Marcus
Jay Judkowitz
Steve Juno
Robert Jurgrau
Diane and Jules Kabat
Linda and Claude Kacser
Marcia Kadanoff and Richard Mironov
Drs. Fay Read Kagan and Bruce Kagan
Leslie Kagan and Robert Coulam
Martha L. Kahn and
   Simeon M. Kriesberg
Nancy Kahn and Manny Friedman
Ronald Kahn
Rosemary and Richard Kalikow
Steven R. Kalt
Pauline S. Kaltenbacher
Amy and Eric Kamisher
Merle R. Kane and Dr. Morton Kane
Jonathan S. Kanter
Andrea and Mark Kaplan
Collette and Phil Kaplan
Henry Kaplan
Rabbi Karen Bookman Kaplan
Marion Kaplan in memory of
   Irwin Kaplan
Rachel and Stephen Kaplan
Samuel, June and Thelma Kaplan
   Philanthropic Fund
Barbara and Leo Karas
Chavi Karkowsky and Joshua Greenfield
Joan Karlin and Paul Resnick
Diane and Jeffrey Karpel
Rakefet S. and N. Jeremy Kasdin
Catherine Kasper and Dr. Larry Kasper
Pico Kassell and Andrew Strom
Kendra and Thomas Kasten
Tal Kastner
Patricia Kates and Henry Brady
Rabbis Joanna Katz and Jeffrey Roth
Penny and Stuart C. Katz
Robert Katz
Rabbi Joshua P. Katzan
Gary Kaufman
Dr. Gus Kaufman, Jr.
Dr. Patricia Kaufman and
   Dr. Steven Koppell
Ruth Kaufmann
Laura and Daniel Kelber
Jessie and Robert Kellman
Patricia Kelter
Andrea Kempf and Evan Luskin
Nancy Kennan
Salena and Allen Kern
Claire G. Keyles
Michael King
Sara Kishner
Dr. Robert E. Kleiger
Annie Klein and Dr. Kenneth Klein
HR Klein
Terri Ruth Klein and Dr. Daniel Gup
Kathryn Klibanoff and
   Jeremy Edes Pierotti
Benita R. Kline
Rhonda Kline
The Daryl Klonoff Trust
The Robert Klutznick Family
Sara Jo and Arthur* Kobacker
Dorothy and Richard Koerner
Kohl Construction and
   Remodeling Incorporated
Nathan and Helen Kohler Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Kolatch
Sondra and Jeffrey Komarow
Judy and Martin Konikoff
Koret Foundation
Rose and Michael Koretsky
Dr. Steven Kornbleuth
Daniel Kornblith
Kevin Kornblith
Susan Kornfield
Rabbi Emily Faust Korzenik
Bonnie Kossoff and Steve Uslan
Alan Kotok
Shanna Kovalchick and
   Brandon Nicholson
Sarah and Victor A. Kovner
Lynne Koweek
Dr. Hannah Koyfman
Jean Helen Kramer
Melanie and Michael Kraut
Mindy Krazmien and Daniel Miller
Eileen S. Krill
Lynn and Jules Kroll
Nicholas Kroll
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Krug
Elka and Charles Kuhlman
Beth and Mark Kurensky
Peshe Cantor Kuriloff and Peter Kuriloff
Sheila and Daniel Kurtzer
Karen and Rabbi Lawrence Kushner
Henriette Kutscher and
   Dr. Martin Kutscher
Rabbi Gail S. Labovitz
Wendy and Desmond Lachman
Kim Ladin
Anne Lainer
Nancy and Richard Lakier
Lambert-Maxwell Fund of the Oregon
   Jewish Community Foundation,
   Portland, OR
Kathy Lampe and Max Kahn
Betsy and Donald Landis
Martha Landsman
Lang/Svendgard Family Fund of the
   Oregon Jewish Community Foundation,
   Portland, OR
Joyce and Jim Lapenn
Lasko Foundations
Josh Lauder Youth Philanthropy Fund
Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
Marta Jo Lawrence
Stacy Lawson and Steve Sarkowsky
Sidonia Lax
Kerrie Maloney Laytin and Daniel Laytin
Allison Lee and
   Rabbi Kenneth M. Chasen
Barbara and Andrew Lee
Wilma and Michael Leftin
Lenore Bohm Leichtag Family
   Foundation Fund of the Jewish
   Community Foundation, Encinitas, CA
Leighton and Green Charitable Fund
Lizzy Leiman and Ruben Kraiem
Joan Lerea
Rachel and Aaron Lerner
Suzanne Lerner
Betty Van Leuvan and Dr. Larry Goldberg
Dinah Leventhal and Patrick Lacefield
Blossom Willens Levin
Drs. Lea Steele Levin and Jeffrey S. Levin
Lydia Levin and Joel Kuperberg
Nicole and Jeffrey Levin
Susan and Bruce Levin
Susan B. Levin
Deborah Levine and Marc Cohen
The Elaine Gorbach Levine
   Charitable Foundation
Lois J. Levine
Lori Levine
Michele Lieban Levine and Robert Levine
Rachel Levine and Jed Melnick
Shelley Levine and Larry Schwartz
Shira R. Levine and Dan Halperin
Steve Levitan
Jessica Levitas and Ari House
Rabbis Joy Levitt and Michael Strassfeld
Shirley and Eugene Levitt
Deborah Levy and Richard Hoffman
Gayle Levy and Geoffrey Liebmann
Dr. Joseph S. Levy and Carole R. Levy
   Family Foundation
Patricia Lewy and Jeff Horing
Lauren Lexton
Judith Lichtenberg and David Luban
Caroline Lichtenstein and
   Dr. Robert Lichtenstein
Jeffrey Lichtman
Diana D. Lidow
Kenneth Liebenau
Lynne and Michael Lieber
Evelyn S. Lieberman
Robyn Lieberman and Asher Kotz
Alison G. Liguori
David S. Lindau
Arlene and Andrew Linder
Roger Lipitz
Sarah and Alan Lipkin
Edward Lisberg
Martha and Charles Lisner
Michael Liss
Nechama and Billy Liss-Levinson
Dorothy and Irving Litt
Ellen and Jonathan Litt
David Livshiz
Loomis, Sayles and Company, L.P.
Marcy Louza and Michael Kenig
Amber Loveless
Stephanie Low and Andy Katell
Tamara and Brent Lowensohn
Lois Lowenstein and
   Dr. Jerome Lowenstein
Janet Wyanski Lowenthal
Ted Lowitz
Eric Luftman
Rachel Lurie
Robin Lynn and Lawrence S. Blumberg
Susan Mack and H. Jake Turin
Anat and Amos Madanes
Linda and Bill Madway
The Maisel Foundation
Louise and Michael Malakoff
Alan Mallach
Susan Lee Mandel and Michael Flaks
Martha and Jonathan Mann
Claudia Marbach and Daniel Jackson
Ivy and Jerry Marcus
Lawrence Marcus
Dr. Dova D. Marder and
   Stephen Z. Friedgood
Rabbis Janet and Sheldon Marder
The Reggi Marder Foundation
Boris Margolin Foundation Fund
Ruth and Michael Margolin
Dr. Michael L. Marin
Marlene and Kenneth Markison
Elaine Marsh and M. Preston Mullen, Jr.
Judith and David Martin
Pauline Aberbach Marx and
   Michael Marx
Laurence Mathews and Brian Saliman
Morgan May
Susan Mayer and Seth Berlin
Anonymous Donor Advised Fund,
   McKenzie River Gathering Foundation,
   Portland, OR
McKinsey and Company Incorporated
Bob Meade
Ariel Zwang Mehler and Gordon Mehler
Emily and Bernard Mehlman Fund
Marla Miriam Meislin
Helen and Marvin Meistrich
Abigail G. Melamed
Bette Lynn and Albert Menashe
Stephanie Mendel
Maurry Mendelovich
David Mendelowitz
Deborah and Carlos Mendez
Merck Partnership for Giving
Holly and Sam Merrin
Howard Metzenberg
Florence and Laurence Meyer
Paulette Meyer and David Friedman
Rachel Mickelson and Tom Starko
Microsoft Matching Gift Program
Ariela Migdal and Ethan Tucker
Sarajane Milder and Dr. Michael Milder
Talia Milgrom-Elcott and Aaron Dorfman
Brina Milikowsky
Diane and William Millen
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Miller
Dr. Barry M. Miller
Brenda Joe Miller
Dr. Caela Miller
Geraldine and Lawrence Miller
Lois and Jay Miller
Milton B. and Corrine B. Miller Fund
Myra and Dan Miller
Zachary Miller
Angela Milstein
Judy Minor
Anita and Morton Mintz
Dan Minz
Linda and Hilton Mirels
David Mironov
Brigitte Mizrahi
Gale Mondry and Bruce Cohen
Marilyn B. Monter
Noga Morag-Levine and Jonathan Levine
Gabriel P. Moreen
Joan and Michael Moriarty
Jennifer and David Morse
Amy and Henry Moszkowicz
Sara and Sidney Munshin
Dr. Alfred Munzer and Joel Wind
Pauline Murov
Stephen Myers
N.E. Miles Jewish Day School,
   Birmingham, AL
Elizabeth Nadell and Dr. Ira J. Nadell
Rabbi Beth Naditch
Dr. Michael Nakada
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Nathanson
National Ramah
   Commission, Incorporated
Brooke and Daniel Neidich
Sylvia Neil and Daniel Fischel
Deborah Nelson and Dr. Peter Ida Nelson
Karen Nelson and Daniel Greenberg
Shelby Nelson and Lewis Rothberg
Gayle and Steven Neufeld
Stephanie and Herb Neuman
Tamar Newberger
Hope and Joshua Newman
Iris Newman
Marcia and David Nimmer
Mariana and Jeffrey Nimz
Mrs. Dana Nisenbaum
Howard Norber
Samuel Norich and Deborah Ugoretz
Nova Fisheries, Seattle, WA
The Directors’ Discretionary Fund of the
   Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation,
   New York, NY
Emily Nussbaum and Clive Thompson
Ruth O’Brien and Dr. Stuart A. Rice
Carl and Lucile Oestreicher Foundation
Sammy Ofer
Nancy and Morris W. Offit
Old Stone House of Brooklyn, NY
Open Society Institute
Judith Levinson Oppenheimer
Edward T. Ordman
OSL Shipping &
   Development Incorporated
Joan Patsy Ostroy and Joseph Ostroy
Estelle Nachimoff Padawer
Dr. Eleanor Padnick and Glenn Padnick
William R. Padnos
Ann and Lloyd Palter
Judy Pam-Bycel and Rabbi Lee Bycel
Adine and Hillel Panitch
Deborah Aviva Panush and
   Mitchell Silverman
Shelley and Josef Paradis
Park School Activities,
   Brooklandville, MD
Sarah J. Parker
Peg and Fred Pashkow
Fred Pasternack
Susan and Alan Patricof
Sherrel and Keith Paull
Margarette Paz and Barry Delman
Dr. Anna Pearce
Russell Pearce
PECF Washington National Cathedral,
   Bethesda, MD
Ruth and Samuel Perelson
Andrea Perkel

Ronald Permutt
Louis Perwien
Philadelphia Stock Exchange Foundation
David N. Pincus
Curt R. and Gerry Pindler Foundation
Deborah Pines and Tony Schwartz
Lauren Pitalis
Drs. Elaine Pitt and Bertram Pitt
Judith Plaskow
Ina and Jack Polak
Polevoy Family Foundation
Barry Louis Polisar
Rachel Poller and Peter Zimring
Leslie Fay Pomerantz
Susan Popper and Rocky Greenberg
Rita Poretsky Memorial Fund
Eva and Jerald Posman
Posnick Family Foundation
Isaac and Leah M. Potts Foundation
Melinda and Paul Pressler
Rebecca S. Price
The T. Rowe Price Program for
   Charitable Giving
Hilde Price-Levine and Michael Levine
Eve and Richard Primus
Judy and Lewis Priven
Joe and Gloria Pryzant Fund of the
   Houston Jewish Community
   Foundation, Houston, TX
Sue and Bernie Pucker
Laurel Rabin and Dr. David Rabin
Dr. Pauline Rabin and Mort Miller
Varda and Irv Rabin
Edward Raboy
Nancy L. Rackoff
Howard Raik
Ruth Raisfeld and Leonard Benowich
Penelope B. Raphaely
Bryna and Gregory Rapp
Mina Raskin
Brian J. Ratner
Linda Gach Ray and Steve Ray
Deborah A. Rechler
Susan and Jeffrey Rein
Joyce and Michael Reinitz
Pamela and Ronald Reis
Ira M. Resnick Foundation
Dr. William Resnick
Jennifer M. Resnik and Bryan Weissman
Rita and Fred Richman
Tzina and L.J. Richman
Richmon Family Foundation
Karen and Jon Richter
Sharon Rochelle Rieger and
   Marshall Rieger
Stepheny and Robert Riemer
Rimerman Family Foundation
Rebecca Rivo
Laura and Jeff Robbin
Jacquelyn and James Robey
Benjamin Robinson
Ellen Bresler Rockmore and
   Daniel Rockmore
Michele and Dominic Rogo
Deborah and Jeff Roisman
Marsha and Howard Rolston
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School,
   Foster City, CA
Antoinette and Dey Rose
Daniel Rose
Diana and Jonathan Rose
Marian H. Rose
Norma L. Rose
Jodyne Roseman
Hila and Saul Rosen
Dr. Mark Rosen
Ruth and Milton Rosen
Dr. Sonia Rosenbaum
Bettina and Daniel Rosenberg
Cheryl L. Rosenberg
Elana Rosenberg and Gregory Litt
Dr. Garth Rosenberg
Marci Rosenberg and
   H. Benjamin Samuels
Mr. Joseph B. Rosenblatt
Jackie Rosenbloom and Jeffrey Mazur
Fran and Eric Rosenfeld
Rabbis Jennie and David Rosenn
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Rosenthal
Linda E. Rosenzweig and
   Sander M. Bieber
Bella Rosner and Saul Schapiro
Judie Rosner
Dr. and Mrs. Joel A. Ross
Julie Ross-Lipman and Dr. Aaron Lipman
Judi and Bob Roth Charitable Fund
Ingrid and George Rothbart
Naomi and Meyer Rothberg
Robert Rothberg
Barbara and Howard Rothenberg
Sandy and Mark Rothman
Andrea Rothschild and Michael Feldman
Alana and Jonathan Rotter
Deborah and Jerome Rotter
Samuel Rotter
Steven Rotter
Dr. Robert J. Rubenstein
The Rubin Family Foundation
Cynthia B. Rubin and Peter Finder
David Rubin
Grace and Cyrus Rubin
Jennifer Rubin
Leonard R. Rubin
Mark Rubin
Joseph Ruby
Dr. Rivka Rudner
Edward Rudolph
Susan Brooks Ruskin and Bradley Ruskin
Samantha Russell and Adam Gold
Dr. Veronica Rynn and Bob Gerber
Saal Family Foundation of the Jewish
   Community Endowment Fund,
   San Francisco, CA
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
Alice and John Sabl
Fred Sachs
Dr. Elinor Yudin Sachse
Norman Sackar
Beth Sackler and Dr. Richard Sackler
Evelyn Sacks and Cary Rodin
Alexandra Sadinoff
Anthony P. Sager
Loretta Vitale Saks and
   Rabbi Robert J. Saks
Julie Salamon and William Abrams
Elaine Saltiel
Maureen and Michael H. Samson
Debbie and Leland Sandler
Linda and Irwin Sandler
The Reba Judith Sandler Foundation
Kathleen and Joshua Sands
Nancy and Donald Sandweiss
Harriet and Alvin Saperstein
Karen A. Sarachik and Joel C. Epstein
Doris and Myron Saranga
Nancy Satuloff-Abraham
Nigel Savage
James Saxe
Marilyn and Donald H. Schaffer
Barbara Schatz
Ilana Schatz and David Lingren
Debra and Nick Schatzki
Dr. Barbara Schecter and
   Rabbi Jonathan Slater
Mary Ann Scheiber and
   Dr. Stephen Scheiber
Deborah and Jeffrey Schein
Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin
Diana and Henry Scherer
Diane Schilit and Dr. Howard Schilit
Marc and Daucie Schindler Family Fund
   of the Houston Jewish Community
   Foundation, Houston, TX
Ranit Schmelzer and Adam Krinsky
Dr. William K. Schmidt
Jean and Edward J. Schneidman
Mona Schnitzler and Jonathan Hurwitz
Joel C. Schochet
Gabriele Schoenfeld
Jo Ann Schoenfeld
Gail and Judah Schorr
Dr. Lionel Schour
Jaynie Schultz and Ron Romaner
Gail Schumann and
   Michael Switzenbaum
Myrl Schuster
Esther Schwalb and David Haase
Barbara Schwartz and
   Dr. Stephen Schwartz
Lynne and Robert Schwartz
Mollie A. Schwartz
Denise Schwartzman and
   Dr. Robert Schwartzman
Henry A. Schwartzstein
Carolyn and Frank Schwarz
City of Seattle, Seattle, WA
Carole and Gordon Segal
Harriet and Sheldon Segal
Mindell Seidlin and David Fishman
Amy Ralston Seife and Howard Seife
Stefanie and Alex Seldin
Eva Seligman-Kennard
Rochelle Seltzer and Dr. Steven Seltzer
Seminarian Community Council,
   Lancaster, PA
Elizabeth Serebransky
Marilyn Seskin and Robert A. Sugarman
Mark Sexton and Kirk Wallace Fund of
   the Stonewall Community Foundation,
   New York, NY
Margaret and Howard Shainberg
Isaac Shamah
Deborah Seider Shapiro
Dr. Kenneth L. Shapiro
Kimberly Shapiro and
   Dr. Philip E. Shapiro
Dr. Nathan Shapiro
Sara and Yossi Shapiro
Dr. Stuart Shapiro
Shapiro-Silverberg Foundation
Julie and Brett Sheppard
Peggy Sherman and Dr. Bruce Sherman
Catherine Shimony and
   Dr. Rony Shimony
Sarah and Gregory Paynter Shine
Dori Shiovitz and Dr. William Shiovitz
Cecile and Jerry Shore
Dr. Hedvah Shuchman
Rabbi Andy Shugerman
Harriet and Clem Shugerman
Mark D. Siegal
Dr. Kenneth L. Siegel
Leigh and Morrie Siegel
Lisa and Charles Siegel
Lee Siegelson
Dr. Anita Siegman and Marvin Krakow
Dr. Brian Silver
Silver Levine Charitable Trust
Carol Silverman and Dr. Daniel Shevrin
Janice and Donald Silverman
Meryl Silverman and Mark Carlin
Jonathan M. Silverstein
Drs. Kim Lee Sim and
   Stephen L. Hoffman
Diana and Bob Simon
Isador Simon Family Foundation
Jenny L. Simon and Gregory M. Simon
Karen King Simon and Jon Simon
Ellen Singer and Dr. Don Simkin
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Singer
Paula Singer and Michael Pearlman
Rabbi Suzanne Singer
Jacqueline and Kenneth Sirlin
Joyce G. Sirlin-Rand
Julie Sissman and Phil Richter
Diane Sklar and Wayne Gilbert
Ralph Sklar
Judith and Michael Skurnik
Jane R. Slavin
Alan B. Slifka Foundation
Albert and Lillian Small Foundation
Michael and Jeff Smith
Greta and Richard Smolowe
Naomi Sobel
Rabbi Joel Soffin
Nancy Sohn and Michael Simon
Joseph O. Sokal
Caren and Erwin Sokol
Drs. Marcia Sokol-Anderson and
   F. Kim Anderson
Herbert J. and Elene Solomon Fund of
   the Jewish Community Foundation,
   San Diego, CA
Nancy and David Solomon
Solomon Schechter Day School,
   Newton, MA
Todd C. Solondz
Estate of Sylvia Solovey
Barbara Somerfield and John Guffey
Scott M. Sommer
Gerri and Andrew Sommers
Ralph Sonenshine
Cleo and Jon Sonneborn
Craig Sopata
Ruth Cummings Sorensen
Sharman Spector-Angel and Gary Angel
Barbara Speigel
Lynn and Arnold Sperling
Nancy Spero and Norman Brand
Gregg Spieler
Kathleen and Daniel Spiro
Robert Spitzer
Alison Spodek and
   Rabbi Brent Chaim Spodek
Ruth and Alfred Sporer
Gary J. Stadtmauer
Susan Stanger and Mitchell Nemeth
Julie Tilson Stanley and Matt Stanley
Marsha and Michael Starr
Michael Stars and Cohen
   Family Foundation
Jim Steiker and
   Wendy Epstein Shefa Fund
Deborah Stein
Francine Stein
Jennifer and John Stein
Mark Stein
Sally and Bernard Stein
\ Sara A. Stein and Sydney R. Smith
Vera and Harold S. Stein, Jr.
Beth and Jeff Steinberg
Harriet and Richard Steinberg
Renee and Stephen Steinig
Robin and Benjamin Steinman
Janice and Neil Stenbuck
Brenda and Michael Stepak
Sterling Capital Corporation
Elsie Stern and Steven Cohen
Jean and Alvin Sternlieb Foundation
Laura Steuer
Hope Stevens and Peter Siegel
Marc D. Stolman
Susan C. and Victor J. Stone
Caryn and Larry Straus
Walter A. Strauss
Ronald Strear
Joan and Stephen Subrin
Jeremy Sugerman
Gerri and Kenneth Sweder
Ann Swidler and Claude Fischer
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Syms Foundation
Tacelosky Tzedakah Fund of The
   Community Foundation for the
   National Capital Region,
   Washington, DC
Tagerman Philanthropic Fund
Dr. Janice Taitel
Alan J. Talbert
Deborah Tannen
Edward Taran
Marguerite and Brian Taylor
Dr. Morton I. Teicher
Bonnie and Dr. Robert Temple
Terra Linda Rotary Club, San Rafael, CA
Texas Hillel Foundation, Austin, TX
Robert Thau
Wendy Thurm and David Greene
Anonymous Donor Advised Fund of
   Tides Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Stephanie Howard Tobias and Jay Tobias
Susan and Mitch Tobin
Judith Torrez
Jen and Adam Traeger-Hirschfelder
Jan and Bruce Tranen
Meredith Trauner
Jessica Lissy Trey and Jeffrey Trey
Margret Trotzky
Karen Tucker and Dr. Jerry Avorn
Marcia and Floyd Tuler
Gloria Turk
Mary and Stuart Turkewitz
Bruce L. Tyson
UBS Matching Gift Program
United Way, New York, NY
Unity Through Sharing Fund of the
   Jewish Community Foundation,
   San Diego, CA
Susan Urquhart-Brown and
   Christopher Brown
Perry Vais
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
   Program, Boston, MA
Elizabeth Versten and Jonathan Straus
Margo Mac Vicar-Whelan
The Vidal Sassoon Foundation
Joan Wachtler
Marcia and Ira Wagner
William Walderman
Steven Waldman
Gail Walker
Rebecca and Stephen Walker
Dr. Mark S. Wallen
Wallerstein Foundation
The Wally Foundation
Gail Walzer and Dr. Yair Walzer
Shu Hua Wang and Dr. Scott A. Kurzer
Barbara and Solomon Wank
Melvin Warshal
Gayle Wasserman
Michael D. Wasserman
Harriet Wasserstrum and
   Dr. Nathan Wasserstrum
The Waterman Family Foundation
Elsa and Barry Waxman
David Weber
Joan and David Weil
Joseph and Debra Weinberg
   Family Foundation
Benjamin Weinberger
Jeffrey Weinberger
Ilene Weinreb
Adam B. Weinstein Foundation
Jeffrey Weinstein
Judith Weintraub
Nancy and Franklin Weintraub
Dr. William S. Weintraub
Lynn Gladstone Weisman
David and Julia Weisz
Weithorn and Ehrman Familes Fund
Dr. Ronald Welch
Susan Wenger and Margie Milstein
Elizabeth Werthan and Robert Brand
Jan Wezelman and David Bartlett
Drs. Joan Wider and Saul Wider
Julie Wiener and Joseph Moreau
Sharon and Edwin Wigutoff
Sally Wilder
Ruth and Bob Wilkoff
John H. Williamson
Jane and Robert Willis
Phyllis and Sheldon Willner
Barbara and Chris Wilson
Sydell and David Winer
Mary Anne and Hugh Winig
Daria Sara Winter
Marcy Wintrub
Michael Wolf
Amy Wolf-Isseroff and
   Dr. Avraham Isseroff
Julie Wolfe
Judith Wolff
Michael Wolk
Cindy and Jacob Worenklein
Richard Drew Wortzel
Linda Press Wulf and Dr. Stanley Wulf
Wynne Charitable Foundation
The Yaspan Unterberg Foundation
Yavneh Academy’s “Helping Everyone
   Live Peacefully” Group, Dallas, TX
Yavneh House of Princeton University,
   Princeton, NJ
Peter Yawitz
Laura and Michael Young
Neil J. Young
Richard Young
Jill and Stefan Zechowy
A. Lee Zeigler
Donna Zerner
Dr. Elena Zhukova
Aaron Ziegelman
Estate of Kate Zigmond
Naomi and Michael Zigmond
Zilber Family Foundation, a Supporting
   Foundation of the Jewish Community
   Federation of Cleveland, Cleveland, OH
Dr. Susan A. Zilberstein and
   Arthur Zilberstein
Jerome Zimmerman Charitable Lead
   Annuity Trust
Judy Zimmerman and
   Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman
Susan Zohn
Waldburg Zomorodi
Martha Malkin Zornow and
   David Zornow
Lotty Zucker Foundation
Bob Zuckerman
Dr. Michael D. Zybutz
Anonymous (77)

$1 – 999back to top

With 31,500 contributors, gifts in this category represent AJWS’s largest donor group. We are deeply grateful for your ongoing passion for social justice and commitment to AJWS.

Federationsback to top

The Associated: Jewish Community
   Federation of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Birmingham Jewish Foundation,
   Birmingham, AL
Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation,
   Champaign, IL
Columbus Jewish Federation,
   Columbus, OH
Combined Jewish Philanthropies of
   Boston, Boston, MA
Greater Miami Jewish Federation,
   Miami, FL
Jewish Community Association of Austin,
   Austin, TX
Jewish Community Federation of
   Cleveland, Cleveland, OH

Jewish Federation of Collier County,
   Naples, FL
Jewish Federation of
   Durham-Chapel Hill, Durham, NC
Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor,
   Ann Arbor, MI
Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta,
   Atlanta, GA
Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg,
   Harrisburg, PA
Jewish Federation of Greater
   Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN
Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles,
   Los Angeles, CA
Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix,
   Scottsdale, AZ

Jewish Federation of Greater Portland,
   Portland, OR
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan
   Chicago, Chicago, IL
Jewish Federation of Nashville and
   Middle Tennesse, Nashville, TN
Jewish Federation of Western
   Massachusetts, Springfield, MA
Knoxville Jewish Alliance, Knoxville, TN
UJA Federation of New York,
   New York, NY
UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey,
   River Edge, NJ
United Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh,
   Pittsburgh, PA

Congregationsback to top

Adat Shalom Reconstructionist
   Congregation, Bethesda, MD
Agudas Achim Congregation,
   Iowa City, IA
Ahavath Torah Congregation
   Stoughton, MA
Am Shalom, Glencoe, IL
Anshe Emet Synagogue, Chicago, IL
Aspen Jewish Congregation, Aspen, CO
Barnert Temple, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Benzion Kaganoff Joliet Jewish
   Congregation, Joliet, IL
Beth Chaverim Reform Congregation,
   Ashburn, VA
Beth El Congregation, Akron, OH
Beth El Synagogue, Saint Johnsbury, VT
Beth Israel Congregation, Ann Arbor, MI
Beth Meyer Synagogue, Raleigh, NC
B’nai Israel Congregation, Rockville, MD
B’nai Israel Synagogue, Southbury, CT
B’nai Shalom of Olney, Olney, MD
Central Synagogue, New York, NY
Chapel Hill Kehillah, Chapel Hill, NC
Chavurat Shir Hayam,
   Bainbridge Island, WA
Chavurat Tikvah, Rye, NY
Chicago Sinai Congregation, Chicago, IL
Chisuk Emuna Congregation,
   Harrisburg, PA
Chizuk Amuno Congregation,
   Baltimore, MD
City Congregation for Humanistic
   Judaism, New York, NY
Community Reform Temple,
   Westbury, NY
Community Synagogue, Rye, NY
Congregation Agudata Sholom,
   Stamford, CT
Congregation Ahavas Chesed, Mobile, AL
Congregation Beit Tikvah, Baltimore, MD
Congregation Beth Am,
   Los Altos Hills, CA
Congregation Beth Chaim,
   Princeton Junction, NJ
Congregation Beth David, Amenia, NY
Congregation Beth David, Saratoga, CA
Congregation Beth El, Berkeley, CA
Congregation Beth El, Birmingham, AL
Congregation Beth El, New London, CT
Congregation Beth El of
   Montgomery County, Bethesda, MD
Congregation Beth El Tsedakah Hevra,
   Wayland, MA
Congregation Beth Elohim, Brookyln, NY
Congregation Beth Israel, Austin, TX
Congregation Beth Israel,
   Bellingham, WA
Congregation Beth Israel, Chico, CA
Congregation Beth Israel, Lebanon, PA
Congregation Beth Israel, Media, PA
Congregation Beth Israel, Portland, OR
Congregation Beth Or, Maple Glen, PA
Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek,
   Chester, CT
Congregation Beth Shalom,
   Bloomington, IN
Congregation Beth Shalom,
   Overland Park, KS
Congregation Beth Shalom, Seattle, WA
Congregation Beth Simchat Torah,
   New York, NY
Congregation Beth Torah, Richardson, TX
Congregation Beth-El Zedeck,
   Indianapolis, IN
Congregation B’nai Amoona,
   Saint Louis, MO
Congregation B’nai B’rith,
   Santa Barbara, CA
Congregation B’nai Emunah,
   Wilmette, IL
Congregation B’nai Israel, Boca Raton, FL
Congregation B’nai Israel, Gainesville, FL
Congregation B’nai Israel, Rumson, NJ
Congregation B’nai Israel,
   Sacramento, CA
Congregation B’nai Israel of Midwood,
   Brooklyn, NY
Congregation B’nai Jehoshua Beth
   Elohim, Glenview, IL
Congregation B’nai Shalom,
   Walnut Creek, CA
Congregation B’nai Tikvah,
   Walnut Creek, CA

Congregation B’nai Torah Highland Park,
   Highland Park, IL
Congregation Bonai Shalom, Boulder, CO
Congregation Dorshei Tzedek,
   West Newton, MA
Congregation Emanu-El,
   San Francisco, CA
Congregation Emanu-El of the City of
   New York, New York, NY
Congregation Emanuel,
   Winston Salem, NC
Congregation Eshel Avraham, Tucson, AZ
Congregation Etz Chaim of DuPage
   County, Lombard, IL
Congregation for Humanistic Judaism of
   Fairfield, Bridgeport, CT
Congregation Gates of Heaven,
   Schenectady, NY
Congregation Kol Emet, Yardley, PA
Congregation Kol Emeth, Palo Alto, CA
Congregation Magen David of West
   Deal, Ocean, NJ
Congregation Netivot Shalom,
   Berkeley, CA
Congregation Ohav Shalom, Albany, NY
Congregation Ohr Tzafon,
   Atascadero, CA
Congregation Or Shalom, Berwyn, PA
Congregation P’nai Or, Portland, OR
Congregation Rodef Shalom, Denver, CO
Congregation Rodef Sholom,
   San Rafael, CA
Congregation Rodeph Shalom,
   Philadelphia, PA
Congregation Rodeph Sholom,
   Bridgeport, CT
Congregation Shalom, Milwaukee, WI
Congregation Shearith Israel, Dallas, TX
Congregation Sinai, San Jose, CA
Congregation Solel, Highland Park, IL
Congregation Temple Sinai, Ambler, PA
Congregation Tifereth Israel,
   Columbus, OH
Congregation Tikvoh Chadoshoh,
   Bloomfield Hills, CT
East Northport Jewish Center,
   East Northport, NY
Highland Park Minyan,
   Highland Park, NJ
IKAR, Los Angeles, CA
Jewish Community of Amherst,
   Amherst, MA
Kesher Israel Congregation,
   West Chester, PA
Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation,
   Highland Park, IL
Kol Shofar Congregation, Belvedere
   Tiburon, CA
Lakeland Hills Jewish Center,
   Ringwood, NJ
Leo Baeck Temple, Los Angeles, CA
Machar, Washington, DC
Maine Township Jewish Congregation-
   Shaare Emet, Des Plaines, IL
Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center,
   Vineyard Haven, MA
Midway Jewish Center, Syosset, NY
Moses Montefiore Congregation,
   Bloomington, IL
Mount Sinai Congregation, Wausau, WI
New City Jewish Center, New City, NY
North Suburban Synagogue Beth El,
   Highland Park, IL
Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Burlington, VT
Oheb Shalom, Pikesville, MD
Or Chadash The Reform Temple of
   Hunterdon County, Flemington, NJ
Or Hadash, Fort Washington, PA
Oseh Shalom, Laurel, MD
Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, NY
Park Slope Jewish Center, Brooklyn, NY
The Park Synagogue, Cleveland, OH
Rodef Shalom Congregation,
   Pittsburgh, PA
Shaarei-Beth El Congregation of Halton,
   Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Sinai Synagogue, South Bend, IN
Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA
Sinai Temple, Springfield, MA
Society Hill Synagogue, Philadelphia, PA
Temple Anshe Amunim, Pittsfield, MA
Temple Bat Yam of East Fort Lauderdale,
   Fort Lauderdale, FL
Temple Beth Am, Miami, FL
Temple Beth Ami, Rockville, MD
Temple Beth El, Aptos, CA

Temple Beth El, Augusta, ME
Temple Beth El, Boca Raton, FL
Temple Beth El, Charlotte, NC
Temple Beth El, Fall River, MA
Temple Beth El, Flint, MI
Temple Beth El, Ithaca, NY
Temple Beth El, San Antonio, TX|
Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester,
   Chappaqua, NY
Temple Beth Hatfiloh, Olympia, WA
Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El,
   Wynnewood, PA
Temple Beth Or, Everett, WA
Temple Beth Or, Miami, FL
Temple Beth Shalom, Framingham, MA
Temple Beth Shalom,
   Hastings on Hudson, NY
Temple Beth Shalom,
   Needham Heights, MA
Temple Beth Sholom,
   Roslyn Heights, NY
Temple Beth Sholom, Sarasota, FL
Temple Beth Sholom of Orange County,
   Santa Ana, CA
Temple Beth Tikvah, Madison, CT
Temple Beth Torah, Melville, NY
Temple Beth Zion, Brookline, MA
Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo, NY
Temple B’nai Abraham, Livingston, NJ
Temple Emanu-El, Birmingham, AL
Temple Emanu-El, Dallas, TX
Temple Emanu-El, Westfield, NJ
Temple Emanuel, Cherry Hill, NJ
Temple Emanuel, Greensboro, NC
Temple Emanuel, Kingston, NY
Temple Emanuel, Winston Salem, NC
Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills,
   Beverly Hills, CA
Temple Emek Shalom, Ashland, OR
Temple Emeth, Teaneck, NJ
Temple Hillel B’nai Torah,
   West Roxbury, MA
Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA
Temple Isaiah of Contra Costa County,
   Lafayette, CA
Temple Isaiah of Stony Brook,
   Stony Brook, NY
Temple Israel, Alameda, CA
Temple Israel, Boston, MA
Temple Israel, Columbus, OH
Temple Israel, Memphis, TN
Temple Israel, Ridgewood, NJ
Temple Israel, Vestal, NY
Temple Israel of the City of New York,
   New York, NY
Temple Israel of New Rochelle,
   New Rochelle, NY
Temple Israel of Northern Westchester,
   Croton on Hudson, NY
Temple of Israel, Wilmington, NC
Temple Judea of Laguna Hills, Irvine, CA
Temple Judea Mizpah, Skokie, IL
Temple Shaaray Tefila, Bedford Corners, NY
Temple Shaaray Tefila, New York, NY
Temple Shalom, River Edge, NJ
Temple Shalom of Milton, Milton, MA
Temple Shalom of Newton,
   West Newton, MA
Temple Sinai, Atlanta, GA
Temple Sinai, Brookline, MA
Temple Sinai, Oakland, CA
Temple Sinai, Pittsburgh, PA
Temple Sinai, Reno, NV
Temple Sinai, Stamford, CT
Temple Sinai of the Desert,
   Palm Desert, CA
The Temple-Tifereth Israel,
   Beachwood, OH
Tifereth Israel Congregation,
   Washington, DC
Tifereth Israel Synagogue, San Diego, CA
Town and Village Synagogue,
   New York, NY
Tree of Life Congregation, Columbia, SC
Tree of Life Congregation, Pittsburgh, PA
United Hebrew Congregation,
   Saint Louis, MO
United Synagogue of Hoboken,
   Hoboken, NJ
The Village Temple, New York, NY
Washington Hebrew Congregation,
   Washington, DC
Westchester Reform Temple,
   Scarsdale, NY
Woodstock Jewish Congregation,
   Woodstock, PA

Study Tour Participantsback to top

Nina Dodge Abrams
Audrey R. Adelson
Sara and David Aftergood
Roberta Beiser
Ronit Jeanine Berkovich
Vered Shai Drazen
Daniel Dunn
Eileen Epstein
Jennifer W. Fowler
Ziva Freiman
Andrea Gootnick
Diane Asseo Griliches
Steve Jellinek
Eric Joss
Ziva Freiman Katz

Andrea Kempf and Evan Luskin
Rabbi Steven Leder
Sara Moore Litt
Laila L. Levitas
Stephanie Low
Barbara Gervis Lubran
Phyllis Mandler
Gordon Mehler
Abigail G. Melamed
Rabbi Shira Milgrom and David Elcott
Susan Pearlman
Elaine Pitt
Joni Pratt
Sue Pucker

Drorit Rudin
Jolie Schwab
Peggy Schwartz
Rebecca Shapiro
Stephanie and James G. Sokolove
Toby Sternlieb
Diane Troderman
Rabbi Gordon Tucker
Linda Victor
Debra Lewin Weiner and Andrew Weiner
Lynn Gladstone Weisman
Carol A. Weitz
Carol and Terry Winograd
Barbara Winter

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AJWS would like to extend deep gratitude to the law firm Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP for its outstanding contribution, providing AJWS with pro bono legal services.

Thank you to Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP for its pro bono immigration counsel.