25 Years of Advocacy and Activism

This past quarter century, AJWS has demonstrated that through activism, individuals can change the world.

AJWS has united Jewish communities to engage in some of the most critical struggles for justice around the world. Together, we have challenged domestic and international policies that exacerbate poverty and violate human rights, and have worked to advance justice and equality. AJWS has empowered American Jews to lobby U.S. presidents and elected officials, and to organize strong local movements for global justice. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of our constituents have raised their voices for change.

Because of these efforts, members of Congress have increased their focus on poverty and human rights. AJWS’s advocacy has contributed to better and more affordable antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS and the unshackling of some of the world’s poorest countries from unfair debt. AJWS supporters have helped secure a commitment at the highest levels of our government to bring an end to the genocide in Darfur. And this year, our work to help alleviate global hunger supports a future in which food is considered an inalienable human right.

These actions always work in tandem with AJWS’s grantees’ own activism. As we hold our own government accountable, our grantees pursue accountability at home, and work to put more power in the hands of the formerly powerless. To amplify these voices and bring the reality of the developing world into the halls of power, AJWS brings our grantees to visit policymakers in Washington, address the UN and other international forums, and attend conferences for justice and human rights.

Timeline of AJWS Grantmaking