Recognizing Fathers Worldwide


Recognizing Fathers Worldwide

June 21, 2009

This Father's Day, AJWS honors our grantees working with men throughout Africa, Asia and the Americas who are creating home and community environments where families and children can thrive.

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AJWS funds nearly 230 organizations that give men the tools to ensure that their children stay healthy and that their families value equality and human rights for all. These grantees engage men on issues concerning gender, sexuality, and sexual and reproductive health, in order to help combat stigma, discrimination and gender-based violence; build solidarity and cooperation within families and communities; and contribute to the realization of human rights.

Father's Day Grantee Spotlight

Organization: Asociacion de Salud y Desarrollo Rxiin Tnamet, Guatemala
Project Title: Participation of Mayan Men in Reproductive Health 

Established in 1975, Rxiin Tnamet ("of the people") has created a system of community-health management for the largely illiterate, non-Spanish speaking population in 21 villages around Santiago Atitlán in Guatemala.  The organization also provides funding and health-management training to other community groups near Lake Atitlan.

Through their "Participation of Mayan Men in Reproductive Health" project, Rxiin Tnamet educates men about the reproductive health of their families by having them accompany their partners during pre- and post-partum care visits and participate in birthing.

As part of this project, a male educator from Rxiin Tnamet conducts monthly trainings for over 30 male health promoters selected from indigenous communities. The trainings focus on gender, reproductive rights, men's participation in women's health, responsible parenting and sexually transmitted disease prevention. The educators and health promoters also conduct home visits, give counseling to men and couples and help develop a system that includes men's active participation in women's health services. 

AJWS has supported Rxiin Tnamet's groundbreaking work with men and fathers for the past six years.  Find out more about AJWS's grantmaking.