One quick thing before Thanksgiving


One quick thing before Thanksgiving

November 21, 2012

Dear Friend,

I'm about to run out of my office to do some last minute Thanksgiving cooking for my family, but first I am taking just a few minutes to send you a quick note.

As is the case for many of you, my feelings about Thanksgiving are tempered this year. I am deeply concerned that so many people I care about are put at risk by the renewed fighting in the Middle East. I am praying for peace, and I know you are too.

Closer to home, the members of my family — like millions of Americans of every background — will sit around a table on Thursday bursting with food. And while I am very sad about the news of war, I am deeply thankful for the opportunities we have to create a better world and to live in freedom according to our beliefs.

This year, I'm grateful for one more thing. And that's you.

It's you and the hundreds of thousands of AJWS supporters like you that remind me every day of the important work we have to do. You keep me and every single member of the incredible team at AJWS inspired and ready to push on, especially when we know that we are working to address problems that may take many years, if not decades, to solve.

So, I just want to thank you. For your generosity, for your concern, and for your commitment to repairing the world. And I thank you, too, for your prayers for peace.

I'm looking forward to the work ahead, and I am undeterred by the challenges in our path — especially because I know you are, too.

I truly hope that you and your family are safe and secure, and I wish all of you a meaningful Thanksgiving.