One Million Voices for Darfur - A Success!


One Million Voices for Darfur - A Success!

September 24, 2007

American Jewish World Service is proud to announce that the Save Darfur Coalition has reached its goal of “One Million Voices for Darfur.”

As a founding member of the Save Darfur Coalition, which initiated the campaign, AJWS helped to generate a million postcards to President Bush, urging the President to use the full power of his office to support a stronger multi-national force to protect the people of Darfur.

Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD (R-TN) and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) became the 999,999th and one millionth Americans to send a postcard to President Bush through the Save Darfur Coalition’s Million Voices for Darfur campaign.

“They said it couldn’t be done!” said Ruth Messinger, President of AJWS. “It's hard to believe that you could organize a virtual campaign and get this kind of response. I’m very excited that the formal completion was attended by the crown of elected officials, but I’m most excited that our network produced people from all over the country who are generating a real activist community opposing the genocide in Darfur.”

AJWS collected an estimated 68,000 postcards that were sent from across the country. AJWS was also a driving force behind the April 30, 2006 Save Darfur rallies in Washington, DC and cities across the country, which were attended by over 75,000 people.

The text of the postcard is as follows:

Dear President Bush,
During your first year in the White House, you wrote in the margins of a report on the Rwandan genocide, "Not on my watch." I urge you to live up to those words by using the power of your office to support a stronger multi-national force to protect the civilians of Darfur.

Rev. Gloria E. White-Hammond, M.D., chairwoman of the Save Darfur Coalition’s Million Voices for Darfur campaign, noted, “A million Americans have joined AJWS in declaring ‘Not On Our Watch.’ It is imperative the President understand what these million Americans do: a United Nations peacekeeping force will be the only true protection for the refugees of Darfur. The President should answer these million calls for action by using his leverage on the Security Council and by immediately appointing a U.S. Presidential Special Envoy to Sudan.”

Despite last month’s peace accord, the situation in Darfur is worsening. Displaced civilians are caught between hostile rebel factions and face ongoing attacks by the Janjaweed. The violence prevents humanitarian aid from reaching thousands in need. Increased cross-border attacks threaten Darfurian refugees in Chad and have displaced more than 50,000 Chadians. It is clear that an international peacekeeping force with the power to protect civilians is desperately needed.

In partnership with the Save Darfur Coalition, AJWS is now in the early planning stages for a major event on September 17, 2006 in New York to coincide with the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. This will be a call to international leaders to provide a peacekeeping force to protect the people of Darfur and bring an end to the violence.

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