On the Ground: AJWS’s Dominican Grantee Responds to Haiti Crisis


On the Ground: AJWS’s Dominican Grantee Responds to Haiti Crisis

January 18, 2010

Movimiento de Mujeres Dominico Haitiana (MUDHA)—an AJWS grantee working on risk reduction and emergency response efforts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic for over 10 years—has been organizing the Haitian and Dominican populations to respond to the immediate needs of communities affected by the earthquake.

MUDHA's team reports that thousands of Haitians in remote areas including Jacmel, Grandade and Leogane have not been reached by relief efforts, and many are in desperate need of potable water and treatment for infection.

In an astounding grassroots organizing effort, MUDHA transformed its Santo Domingo headquarters into a collection site for needed items and coordinated relief caravans with medical and personal hygiene supplies. MUDHA has installed 12 encampments in five communities outside of Port-au-Prince, and has undertaken an innovative strategy to train youth in first-responder skills to support the work of doctors. MUDHA has already trained 45 youth to provide counseling, emotional support and needs assessment for survivors, and plans to train an additional 183 youth in the coming days.

AJWS is proud to support MUDHA and so many other grassroots organizations whose sustainable, long-term strategies for rebuilding Haiti's infrastructure are vital for the renewal of civil society.