AJWS and World AIDS Day


AJWS and World AIDS Day

November 30, 2007

World AIDS Day, which is observed on the first of December each year, is an opportunity to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. Despite dramatic increases in funding for AIDS treatment and prevention programs, HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the developing world. There are now an estimated 33.2 million people living with HIV globally; according to UNAIDS, 68 percent of the total number is living in sub-Saharan Africa. Only a fraction of them have access to life-saving treatment.

In the face of this pandemic, AJWS grantees are advocating for universal access to anti-retroviral treatment, providing "treatment literacy training" to help HIV positive individuals adhere to their drug regimens, teaching how to prevent the disease, expanding assistance for AIDS orphans, fighting discrimination and stigma, providing home-based care for the sick and dying, and meeting the emotional needs of children and other bereaved family members.

AJWS grantees are marking World AIDS Day 2007 in a variety of ways:

Solas y Unidas in Peru is organizing a public event in Lima entitled "To Discriminate is absurd: is it something you do?" to raise awareness among civil society about World AIDS Day. Solas y Unidas will provide discussions, games, and workshops.

Sagamu Community Center in Nigeria, an organization active in HIV/AIDS and health, is organizing a concert of drama and dance. The event will be chaired by Ambassador Segun Olusola, Founder of the African Refugee Foundation and Chairman of the Nigeria Refugee Commission.

African Consultants International in Senegal, an organization active in supporting people living with HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS advocacy, is planning a series of events for World AIDS Day, including co-organizing a public march, speeches, sketches, and testimonies in villages, and helping to launch an Africa HIV/AIDS short films contest.

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