Barbara Dobkin


Barbara Dobkin, former chair of the AJWS board of trustees and chair of the executive committee, is a funder, activist and leader in the social justice arena. With a particular focus on the advancement of women in all sectors of society, she is a preeminent and visionary creator of programs that serve women and girls and that encourage women of means to play a significant role as independent philanthropists. Her signature accomplishments includes roles as a founding board member of the White House Project; as the founding chair of the Jewish Women's Archive; as the founding chair of Ma'yan, the Jewish Women's Project of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan; as the founding chair of the Hadassah Foundation; and as a founding board member of Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community. Barbara has served on the boards of the New Israel Fund, Lilith Magazine, the Women Donors Network, the Jewish Funders Network, the Women's Funding Network and American Friends of the Israel Women's Network, among others. Presently, she chairs the board of the Dafna Israeli Fund in Israel. She graduated from Marietta College and earned a Master of Social Work at Boston University. Barbara joined the AJWS board of trustees in April 2008.