Urgent Action Fund - Africa



  • Urgent Action Fund - Africa
  • UAF-Africa provides rapid response grants and knowledge products to women, human rights organizations and activists to enable them respond to conflict or crisis and to take advantage of opportunities that advance the human rights of women and girls in Africa. UAF-Africa’s unique model of grantmaking has enabled them to reach constituencies that no other donor is able to. The immediate and catalytic effect of UAF-Africa’s rapid response grants in most instances marks the difference between failure and success of strategies to intervene effectively in, or resolve crisis and conflicts. UAF-Africa provides timely critical, financial and technical resources to women’s rights organizations in support of innovative, rapid and unique initiatives that promote women’s leadership in peacebuilding and justice processes.


  • Regranting and Collaborative Initiative
  • Purpose: To sustain women's human right defenders and advance women's rights in Africa by providing rapid response grants and facilitating collaborative initiatives regarding the rights of women and security and the well-being of women's rights organizations.