La Via Campesina (Via Campesina)



  • La Via Campesina (Via Campesina)
  • La Via Campesina is a coalition of over 148 organizations of peasants, landless people, women farmers, indigenous people and agricultural workers from around the world, advocating for family-farm-based sustainable agriculture. Via Campesina was the group that first coined the term 'food sovereignty,' which refers to the right to produce food on one's own territory. Via Campesina has carried out several campaigns, including a campaign to defend farmers’ seeds, a campaign to stop violence against women, a campaign for the recognition of the rights of peasants, and a global campaign for agrarian reform.


  • Influencing Social, Political and Economic Policies in Favor of the Latin America and Caribbean Food Sovereignty Farmers Movement
  • Purpose: To further social, political and economic policies in favor of the regional food sovereignty agenda by launching the first leadership school for farmers in the Caribbean region, organizing solidarity brigades to countries that criminalize social leaders, strengthening and building a political cadre of leaders, shaping advocacy strategies and campaigns, and systematizating data on agrarian policies.