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Fanm Deside
Empowering Women to Stand Up for their Human Rights

Purpose: To protect women's human rights and improve their living conditions in the Southeast Department by organizing women's groups, providing training on human rights and advocacy, and setting up collective grain mills to help women earn a living through agriculture.

Youth Actions on Human Rights (YAHRI)
Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights for Girls

Purpose: To promote the sexual health and reproductive rights of adolescent girls by providing information on family planning, facilitating sexual education and advocating for justice for girl survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

Reseau des Femmes Actives du Nord-Ouest (REFANO)
Strengthening Grassroots Support for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Purpose: To build the capacity of grassroots organizations to provide comprehensive support services for survivors of violence and to raise awareness about women's rights in schools and the wider community.

Women's Empowerment

Purpose: To strengthen women and girls ability to resist sexual exploitation and sexual and gender-based violence by providing education, vocational training, counseling services and employment opportunities to marginalized Muslim adolescent girls and educating community members on sex trafficking, domestic violence and the health needs of adolescent girls.

Association Femmes Soleil D'Haiti (AFASDA)
Mobilizing Women to Promote their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Purpose: To strengthen the grassroots movement for sexual and reproductive health and rights in Haiti's North Department by building women's coalitions and supporting their leadership, developing training modules and working with the media to raise awareness about women's rights.

Women's Organization Network for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA)
Building Capacity for Sex Workers' Rights

Purpose: To promote the human rights and empowerment of sex workers through trainings in functional adult literacy and security management and human rights workshops for sex workers and police.

Gwoup Apui pou Devlopman Depatman Sid (GADES)
Mobilizing Communities to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Purpose: To break the silence and end violence against women and girls through strategic public awareness-raising, human rights trainings, capacity building for activist groups, and by empowering survivors of violence to speak out.

Asociación por la Humanización de la Vida / Colectivo Gaviota (Gaviota)
Defending Indigenous Women's Rights

Purpose: To reduce sexual and gender-based violence and promote gender equity within indigenous communities by conducting trainings on women's rights and access to justice for victims of gender-based violence and by raising awareness among traditional justice leaders about gender equity.

Grupo de Mujeres Jóvenes Ex-trabajadoras Sexuales 'Las Golondrinas'
Sex Worker and Health Rights

Purpose: To protect and respect sex workers' rights through human rights education, sexual and reproductive health trainings, and advocacy with local authorities.

Movimiento de Mujeres Unidas (MODEMU)
Promoting Sex Worker Rights

Purpose: To promote the rights of sex workers through community health promoter outreach and political advocacy at the local and national levels.

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