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Movimiento De Mujeres Dominico Haitiana (MUDHA)
Health Education and HIV/AIDS Prevention

Purpose: To support an integrated approach to HIV and AIDS and sexually transmitted infection prevention and care through education and access to testing and health services.

Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ)
Advocacy Against Forced Sterilization

Purpose: To advocate against state implementation of forced sterilization of women in poor communities by supporting community organizing, fact finding, and advocacy against the two-child norm that is at the root of these human rights violations.

Fortress of Hope Africa
Okoa Wasichana Wetu Project

Purpose: To build the social and economic capital of adolescent girls through youth-led community outreach, safe spaces, psychosocial support and training on reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, life skills and entrepreneurship.

Association Nationale de Protection des Femmes et Enfants Haitiens (ANAPFEH)
Protecting the Human Rights of Sex Workers in Delmas

Purpose: To reduce sex workers' vulnerability to violence and HIV and AIDS by creating safe spaces for learning and organizing, reaching out to sex workers in the workplace, and providing psychosocial and medical support in cases of violence.

Reseau des Femmes Actives du Nord-Ouest (REFANO)
Strengthening Grassroots Support for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Purpose: To build the capacity of grassroots organizations to provide comprehensive support services for survivors of violence and to raise awareness about women's rights in schools and the wider community.

Asociación de Mujeres Flor de Piedra
Promoting Sex Workers' Sexual and Reproductive Health

Purpose: To protect the rights of sex workers by running public awareness initiatives, engaging in advocacy with decision-makers, raising awareness about sexual rights among sex worker groups and strengthening the organization's ability to work with its communities.

Grupo de Mujeres Jóvenes Ex-trabajadoras Sexuales 'Las Golondrinas'
Sex Worker and Health Rights

Purpose: To protect and respect sex workers' rights through human rights education, sexual and reproductive health trainings, and advocacy with local authorities.

Gulu Union for Women with Disabilities in Uganda (GUWODU)
Economic Empowerment and Reproductive Health Rights of Girls and Women with Disabilities

Purpose: To promote the rights of girls and women with disabilities through income-generating activities and advocacy for improved access to sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Asociacion de Mujeres Emprendedoras de Waslala (AMEWAS)
Violence Prevention and Psychosocial Support

Purpose: To respond to widespread violence against women and girls by providing psychosocial support and shelter for victims, strengthening youth leadership to raise local awareness of sexual and gender-based violence, and conducting human rights advocacy with local institutions.

Awaaz-e-Niswaan (Awaaz)
Empowerment of Women

Purpose: To improve advocacy campaigns around domestic violence by extending educational support to women and providing training to adolescent girls on health and education.

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