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Norkor Phnom Community Empowerment Organization (NPCEO)
Sustainable Livelihoods and Community Development

Purpose: To improve the living standards and social services for rural people in Kampong Cham province by providing them with the skills and knowledge to actively and effectively participate in local governance and decision making.

Union de Organizaciones de la Sierra Juarez, Oaxaca (UNOSJO)
Increasing Political Participation of Indigenous Women on Natural Resource Rights

Purpose: To raise awareness and promote political participation among indigenous communities about their natural resource and collective rights by engaging with existing laws that favor the rights of indigenous people; advocating to demand the right of communities to elect their own authorities; and building the political leadership of women.

Jashpur Jan Vikas Sanstha (JJVS)
Resource Protection for Indigenous Populations

Purpose: To support the protection of the rights of tribal populations by advocating for the proper implementation of the Forest Rights Act and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme; to form women's groups and hold leadership trainings for female tribal leaders on women's rights and violence against women.

Puente de Paz
Community Organizing for Natural Resource Management

Purpose: To support communities threatened by the construction of a major hydroelectric dam by strengthening indigenous women's leadership; providing workshops to analyze the political context; advocating against human rights violations; and updating safety and security plans.

Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT)
Defending the Resource Rights of Lake Turkana Communities

Purpose: To advance the natural resource rights of Lake Turkana communities by advocating nationally and internationally against the Gibe 3 dam and advocating for local control over newly discovered oil resources.

Fondation Haitienne pour le Maintien de la Paix Sociale/Partenariat pour le Developpement Local (PDL)
Strengthening the Capacity and Resilience of Rural Communities and Peasant Organizations

Purpose: To increase the capacity of peasant organizations by supporting leadership development, strengthening seed banks and promoting microenterprises.

Union Verapacense de Organizaciones Campesinas (UVOC)
Strengthening Indigenous Community Organization

Purpose: To promote and protect land and collective rights of indigenous communities by increasing women's political leadership; supporting food sovereignty initiatives; increasing access to land; advocating to modify agrarian laws; and designing and implementing safety and security mechanisms.

Malindi Rights Forum (MRF)
Advocating for Land Rights and Accountability

Purpose: To reclaim grabbed community land and defend labor rights by reviving several stalled court cases against salt factories and building the labor rights capacity of workers.

Sosyete Animasyon Kominikasyon Sosyal (SAKS)
Reconstruction and Aid Monitoring in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Purpose: To promote civic engagement in reconstruction and humanitarian aid monitoring by establishing a community radio station and partnering with a media watchdog group.

Défenseurs des Opprimées/Opprimés (DOP)
Building a Peasant Movement for Land and Housing Rights

Purpose: To protect the land and housing rights of peasants in the Artibonite Department by providing human rights training and legal support and by building the capacity of peasant organizations to advocate effectively for their rights.

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