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Kòdinasyon pou Devlopman Solidè Sidès (KODESS)
Strengthening Peasant Organizations in the Southeast Department

Purpose: To increase sustainable agricultural production and economic development in Jacmel and Bene by providing peasant organizations with seeds and tools, goats for breeding, and training on agro-ecology, value-added produce processing and effective organizing.

Òganizasyon pou Devlòpman Vèrèt ak Pwoteksyon Anviwònman (ODEVPRE)
Advancing Food Sovereignty in Verrettes

Purpose: To empower small-scale farmers to improve their food security and quality of life by providing access to seed banks, tools and microcredit, and by training farmers on agro-ecology and community organizing.

Centre for Public Interest Law (CEPIL)
Land Rights in Northern Uganda

Purpose: To promote land rights in post-conflict northern Uganda by educating communities about customary land tenure and through strategic litigation to combat land grabbing.

Servicios del Pueblo Mixe, A.C.
Strengthening Natural Resource Rights Work

Purpose: To protect rights to land and natural resources of Ayuuk indigenous people by raising awareness on indigenous collective rights violations, strengthening the organization's natural resource rights advocacy strategies, and developing community-based strategies for land sustainable management.

Asosyasyon Tet Kole ti Peyizan Ayisyen (TK)
Strengthening the Peasant Movement for Food Sovereignty

Purpose: To increase the food sovereignty of peasant farmers in Haiti by strengthening local seed banks and goat-breeding centers, and by training farmers on agro-ecology, community organizing and effective advocacy for agrarian reform.

Colectivo Oaxaqueno en Defensa del Territorio (CODT)
Defending Territorial and Resource Rights in Oaxaca

Purpose: To demand corporate and government accountability for threats to local land and resources rights by designing advocacy campaigns and collective actions, engaging in community organizing and alliance building, and pursuing research, documentation and legal defense.

Kakindo Orphans Care (KOC)
Environmental Protection and Land Rights for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Purpose: To promote environmental protection and the land rights of orphans and vulnerable children through community education on land tenure laws, forming demonstration gardens and promoting women's participation in oil-related advocacy.

Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU)
Supporting Community Based Sustainable Forestry Management

Purpose: To increase community engagement in the forestry sector by strengthening the capacity of community forestry development committees and two CBOs to engage with the government and logging companies, monitor compliance with forest laws and ensure benefit-sharing agreements are upheld.

Plateforme Haïtienne de Plaidoyer pour un Développement Alternatif (PAPDA)
Promoting a National Food Sovereignty Platform in Haiti

Purpose: To build a national platform for food sovereignty by empowering and mobilizing farmers and peasant organizations through leadership trainings, agro-ecological workshops and exchange visits, and awareness-raising on current agricultural policies and the importance of local food consumption.

Centro por la Justicia y Derechos Humanos de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua (CEJUDHCAN)
Advancing Indigenous Youth's Leadership in Defending Collective Rights

Purpose: To advance indigenous youth's rights and leadership by conducting leadership development workshops, establishing a youth council, and developing youth-led advocacy initiatives.

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