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Kwataniza Women Farmers Group (KWG)
Oil Justice and Land Rights in Buseruka

Purpose: To promote the natural resource rights of marginalized community members in Buseruka and minimize the impact of oil exploration through education on land rights and environmental protection.

Oganizasyon Gwoupman Peyizan pou Devlopman 8eme Seksyon Kominal Akaye (OPD8)
Mobilizing Communities to Increase Food Sovereignty

Purpose: To enable small-scale farmers to increase their food security and improve their household's health and quality of life through access to seeds, microcredit, value-added fruit processing, and improved latrines and roadways.

Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organisation (BIRUDO)
Oil Justice and Land Rights in Buliisa

Purpose: To promote community land rights and environmental conservation in Uganda's oil region through education on land title, compensation, participatory planning and tree planting.

Centro por la Justicia y Derechos Humanos de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua (CEJUDHCAN)
Advancing Indigenous Youth's Leadership in Defending Collective Rights

Purpose: To advance indigenous youth's rights and leadership by conducting leadership development workshops, establishing a youth council, and developing youth-led advocacy initiatives.

Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU)
Supporting Community Based Sustainable Forestry Management

Purpose: To increase community engagement in the forestry sector by strengthening the capacity of community forestry development committees and two CBOs to engage with the government and logging companies, monitor compliance with forest laws and ensure benefit-sharing agreements are upheld.

Centre for Human Rights and Community Development (CHRCD)
Promoting Inter-Ethnic Engagement, Sustainable Agriculture and Human Rights

Purpose: To promote human rights and community development through inter-ethnic cooperation, promotion of small-scale sustainable agriculture, youth civic engagement and increased access to services for ethnic minorities.

Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH)
Building Garifuna Climate Change Adaptation Response and Defense of Land Rights

Purpose: To protect Garifuna communities' natural resource rights through advancing cases in support of Garifuna communal rights before the Inter-American Court for Human Rights, conducting community radio programs, and strengthening a climate change adaptation network.

Comite Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA)
Organizing and Leadership Building in the Farmers Movement

Purpose: To improve rural development policies, including increasing access to land rights, by organizing lobbying campaigns directed at the national government and implementing food sovereignty initiatives with small producers.

Network for Environment and Economic Development (NEED)
Village Capacity Building and Community Development

Purpose: To promote sustainable development and food security by running model farms, training youth in agricultural planning, conservation and social and economic rights, and documenting unsustainable agricultural practices.

Il'laramatak Community Concerns (ICC)
Defending Women's Land Rights

Purpose: To promote and defend indigenous women's land rights by educating communities about Kenya's new land bill, engaging in dialogue with large landowners and advocating for legal reforms.

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