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Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN)
Food Security

Purpose: To increase food security by strengthening local livelihoods and self-reliance in conflict-affected areas of Burma.

Livelihood Rights for the Unorganized Sector

Purpose: To advance the right to housing, employment and social security for informal economy workers and slum residents by community organizing, livelihood activities and advocacy campaigns.

Rezo Oganizasyon Peyizan No Santa k Nodes (ROPNES)
Building a Strong Peasant Movement

Purpose: To strengthen the organizational capacity of peasant organizations in the North, Northeast and Central Plateau regions of Haiti through exchange visits, civic education for youth, and agro-ecological and collective leadership trainings.

Centro De Derechos Indígenas Flor y Canto, A.C. (Flor y Canto)
Water Rights and Management in Agricultural Communities

Purpose: To protect equal access to water by providing legal defense for farmer cooperatives, designing sustainable management systems for communal sources of water, and strengthening local and national alliances.

Asociacion Amigos de San Isidro, Cabañas (ASIC)
Capacity Building and Community Organizing

Purpose: To strengthen local communities' natural resource rights management by conducting trainings on agro-ecological and sustainable farming techniques and developing programs on environmental awareness and human rights for communities facing food insecurity.

Oganizasyon Peyizan 7e Seksyon Kominal Gwomon (OP7G)
Building the Technical Skills of Small-Scale Farmers

Purpose: To strengthen food security and the economic well-being of peasant farmers in the West and Artibonite Departments through access to credit, seeds for crop diversification, and model farms demonstrating sustainable ways to increase crop yields and restore the environment.

Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organisation (BIRUDO)
Oil Justice and Land Rights in Buliisa

Purpose: To promote community land rights and environmental conservation in Uganda's oil region through education on land title, compensation, participatory planning and tree planting.

Kwataniza Women Farmers Group (KWG)
Oil Justice and Land Rights in Buseruka

Purpose: To promote the natural resource rights of marginalized community members in Buseruka and minimize the impact of oil exploration through education on land rights and environmental protection.

Mouvman Peyizan Rankit (MPR)
Strengthening the Peasant Movement in Rankit

Purpose: To promote sustainable agriculture and support income generation by providing access to microcredit, seeds, agriculture trainings and exchanges, and support to peasant committees.

Asociación Equipo Maíz
Popular Education and Economic Literacy

Purpose: To strengthen grassroots organizations' economic and political analysis by publishing articles in the Salvadoran mass media and conducting economic literacy education and organizational development for leaders from 50 grassroots organizations and civil society organizations from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

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