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Change Agents for Peace International (CAPI)
Change Agent Peace Program

Purpose: To strengthen peace and conflict transformation through trainings on documentation of human rights violations related to sexual and gender-based violence, land and reproductive rights, and by facilitating economic empowerment for women and ex-combatants.

Foyer de Développement pour l'Autopromotion des Pygmées et Indigènes Défavorisés (FDAPID)
Land Rights for the Indigenous Populations of Pygmies in North Kivu Province

Purpose: To protect the land tenure of Pygmy communities by convening two meetings with local and administrative authorities to discuss issues affecting land ownership by Pygmy people in two territories; identifying and mapping plots of land that traditionally belong to Pygmies; and advocating with local authoritizes to secure land titles for those who are displaced.

Legal Aid Coordination Working Group (SLCG)
Legal Aid for Natural Resource Rights Activists

Purpose: To protect the human rights of natural resource rights activists who are being threatened as a result of their activism by providing legal aid and training.

Lake Albert Children Women Advocacy and development Organization (LACWADO)
Land Rights in Buliisa

Purpose: To promote land rights in this oil-rich region by providing education on land tenure laws and by supporting the formation of communal land associations.

Rural Ecological Study Center (RESC)
Community Based Natural Resource and Land Management

Purpose: To promote land rights and sustainable resource management by providing trainings on land laws and policies, developing a community land title system, and campaigning for land reform and community forestry management.

Foundation for Community Initiatives (FCI)
Increasing Women's Participation in the Forestry Sector

Purpose: To increase women's engagement in the forestry sector by organizing a series of events on Liberia's community rights law, which inludes provisions recognizing women as stakeholders in the management and governance of the forestry sector.

Mouvman Peyizan Bayone 2eme Section Communale des Gonaives (MPB)
Building the Technical Capacity of Small-Scale Farmers

Purpose: To promote sustainable agriculture and support income generation by providing access to credit and technical training for model farmers.

Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH)
Building Garifuna Climate Change Adaptation Response and Defense of Land Rights

Purpose: To protect Garifuna communities' natural resource rights through advancing cases in support of Garifuna communal rights before the Inter-American Court for Human Rights, conducting community radio programs, and strengthening a climate change adaptation network.

Comite Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA)
Organizing and Leadership Building in the Farmers Movement

Purpose: To improve rural development policies, including increasing access to land rights, by organizing lobbying campaigns directed at the national government and implementing food sovereignty initiatives with small producers.

Northern Development Foundation (NDF)
Sustainable Livelihoods and Development

Purpose: To promote sustainable, community-based land management by establishing community learning centers in targeted areas and strengthening the Northern Land Network that advocates for land reform.

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