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Red de Jovenes para la Incidencia Politica (IncideJóven)
Youth Leadership in Sexual and Reproductive Health Advocacy

Purpose: To increase young people's political participation in designing and monitoring sexual health rights policies by designing sexuality education programs as well as conducting a campaign for the provision of sexual and reproductive health education.

Karen Student Network Group (KSNG)
Karen Internally Displaced School Project

Purpose: To increase access to education by providing educational materials, teacher stipends and health supplies to community schools, and by bringing together children for cultural and sporting events and educational workshops.

Professional Psychological Counseling Centre (PPCC)
Barefoot Counseling Program

Purpose: To promote mental health for traumatized communities in eastern Sri Lanka by building the skills and knowledge of counselors who work at the grassroots level.

Burma Partnership
Advocacy and Outreach Program

Purpose: To increase regional and international support for Burma's democracy and ethnic rights movement by lobbying regional actors and supporting local groups to strengthen their media outreach and advocacy efforts.

Coordinadora Departamental de Comadronas Tradicionales de Quetzaltenango (CODECOT)
Promoting Civic Participation Among Traditional Midwives

Purpose: To increase the political participation of traditional indigenous midwives through initiatives which strengthen their ability to advocate for indigenous women's sexual health agendas with municipal governments.

Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)
Village Agency Project

Purpose: To strengthen local strategies for resisting human rights abuses and asserting rights by mobilizing communities around nonviolent tactics that help meet security and development needs.

Burmese Women's Union (BWU)
Women's Library

Purpose: To educate and empower Burmese women migrants by providing access to information through women's libraries and by facilitating human rights discussions and workshops.

Jóvenes Trabajando por la Defensa de su Comunidad - Nibureintiña Nadagimei Luagu Hagaira (NANIGU)
Advancing the Civil and Political Rights of Garifuna Youth

Purpose: To build the leadership of Garifuna youth by supporting the organizational development of 30 small community-based youth groups, strengthening six regional coordinating bodies, and building the organization's project development and fundraising capacity.

Ayiti Kale Je (AKJ)
Reconstruction and Aid Monitoring in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Purpose: To improve investigative journalism by reporting on the earthquake reconstruction process and disbursement of humanitarian aid, and providing investigative journalism trainings and internships for university students.

Plateforme des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance (PFPC)
Women's Coalition for Peace in Casamance

Purpose: To mobilize for peace by organizing a retreat to debrief three regional campaigns; to document and present women's propositions for the restart of the peace process by organizing a meeting with civil society in Casamance; and to increase national and international awareness about the conflict by organizing a national peace day in Dakar and ongoing quiet lobbying meetings with the warring factions.

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