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Organización la Esperanza de las Mujeres Garífunas (OLAMUGAH)
Defending Garifuna Women's Rights

Purpose: To reduce discrimination based on gender and address violations of women's land rights by strengthening women-led community groups, conducting a diagnostic study of Garífuna women's priorities, and strengthening the organization's administrative and operational capacities.

Social Economical and Environmental Developers (SEED)
Empowering Youth with Disabilities and Promoting Civic Engagement

Purpose: To promote social inclusion of youth with disabilities through education, youth clubs, vocational training empowerment and advocacy.

Karen Women's Organisation (KWO)
Women's Resource Centers

Purpose: To promote women's political participation and leadership through trainings, community organizing and advocacy.

Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral Unima'l Ranim'a Ixo'q (Grandeza Corazón de Mujer) (ADIURI)
Strengthening Indigenous Women's Civic and Political Participation

Purpose: To defend indigenous women's freedom from discrimination, violence, poverty and illiteracy by providing education on economic alternatives and by conducting media awareness-raising campaigns to prevent violence against women.

Organization for Rehabilitation of the Handicapped (ORHAN)
Community-Based Rehabilitation Project

Purpose: To promote the rights of women with war-inflicted disabilities and children with disabilities in northern Sri Lanka and ensure their participation in social, political, economic and cultural life, through rights trainings, psychosocial counseling, livelihood promotion and educational services.

Construire la Paix par le Développement Economique et Social (COPI)
Building Lasting Peace Through Community Organizing

Purpose: To contribute to lasting peace by establishing a space for consultation and dialogue between community members, organizing training in conflict mediation, and providing vocational skills and livelihood opportunities for at-risk youth and women.

Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP)
Youth Initiative on Extractive Industry Revenue Transparency

Purpose: To develop the next generation of active and informed youth by hosting educational forums and dialogues addressing issues related to natural resources, good governance, social injustice, land conflict and other youth concerns in an initiative on revenue transparency for the extractive industry.

Women Peacemakers (WPM)
Domestic Violence, Rape and Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

Purpose: To reduce violence and protect the rights of women and children in Kompong Cham province through workshops on rights, conflict resolution, domestic violence, trafficking and Cambodian laws.

Asociación de Mujeres Campesinas Q'eqchies Nuevo Horizonte (Nuevo Horizonte)
Promoting Q'eqchi Indigenous Womens Rights

Purpose: To advance the political participation of Q'eqchi women by raising awareness and by developing advocacy strategies and education programs around access to inclusive and culturally competent sexual health and reproductive rights.

World Education Senegal (WES)
Community Radio in Kolda

Purpose: To enhance civic engagement and participation of rural dwellers in local governance by installing a community radio; airing programs on peace, citizenship and human rights; and providing technical assistance in radio production and management.

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