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Change Agents for Peace International (CAPI)
Change Agent Peace Program

Purpose: To strengthen peace and conflict transformation through trainings on documentation of human rights violations related to sexual and gender-based violence, land and reproductive rights, and by facilitating economic empowerment for women and ex-combatants.

Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU)
Supporting Community Based Sustainable Forestry Management

Purpose: To increase community engagement in the forestry sector by strengthening the capacity of community forestry development committees and two CBOs to engage with the government and logging companies, monitor compliance with forest laws and ensure benefit-sharing agreements are upheld.

Support Initiative for People with Congenital Disorders (SIPD)
Public Education and Advocacy

Purpose: To advance the rights of children and people with intersex conditions and decrease discrimination through public education and referrals to health care providers.

Asociacion de Desarrollo Economico Social Santa Marta (ADES)
Education, Research, Advocacy and Support for Human Rights Defenders

Purpose: To strengthen the safety and security of human rights defenders by providing direct legal assistance, producing analyses of attacks against human rights defenders, conducting community trainings on the rights of human rights defenders, coordinating forums on the status of human rights defenders in El Salvador and conducting a human rights education radio program.

Colectivo Oaxaqueno en Defensa del Territorio (CODT)
Defending Territorial and Resource Rights in Oaxaca

Purpose: To demand corporate and government accountability for threats to local land and resources rights by designing advocacy campaigns and collective actions, engaging in community organizing and alliance building, and pursuing research, documentation and legal defense.

Shan Youth Power
Educating Shan Migrant Youth

Purpose: To empower children and youth in Shan migrant communities by providing formal education and networking through regular meetings and media; and to support youth-led community development activities in Shan State.

Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG)
Village Agency Project

Purpose: To strengthen local strategies for resisting human rights abuses and asserting rights by mobilizing communities around nonviolent tactics that help meet security and development needs.

Burma Partnership
Advocacy and Outreach Program

Purpose: To increase regional and international support for Burma's democracy and ethnic rights movement by lobbying regional actors and supporting local groups to strengthen their media outreach and advocacy efforts.

Youth for Peace (YFP)
Young Leaders for Peace

Purpose: To encourage youth to become change agents in their communities and support them as they take their first steps in social activism by nurturing personal and community development, introducing peace concepts and building leadership skills.

Il'laramatak Community Concerns (ICC)
Defending Women's Land Rights

Purpose: To promote and defend indigenous women's land rights by educating communities about Kenya's new land bill, engaging in dialogue with large landowners and advocating for legal reforms.

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