Sri Lanka


Realizing human rights and ending poverty in Sri Lanka

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, we support organizations working to overcome poverty and oppression. Our small, grassroots grantees are rooted in communities, where they empower local people to identify their most critical concerns and take action to address injustice. We also support groups that organize broader movements for social change, influencing governments and policymakers to respect and promote human rights.

In Sri Lanka, AJWS supports communities that have been displaced due to conflict and natural disasters, enabling them to rebuild their lives and prepare themselves for the future. AJWS is also supporting rural communities to influence decision making on the use of natural resources.

Recent Projects in Sri Lanka

Centre for Human Rights and Community Development (CHRCD)
Promoting Inter-Ethnic Engagement, Sustainable Agriculture and Human Rights

Purpose: To promote human rights and community development through inter-ethnic cooperation, promotion of small-scale sustainable agriculture, youth civic engagement and increased access to services for ethnic minorities.

Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD)
Promoting Natural Resource Rights and Access to Justice for Ethnic Minority Communities

Purpose: To promote land rights and increase access to justice in conflict-affected and ethnic minority areas through legal assistance, legal capacity building, documentation and advocacy campaigns.

Centre for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (CPPHR)
Social, Economic and Legal Assistance for Families Affected by Political Violence

Purpose: To provide economic and psychosocial support and a space for free dialogue for war affected female headed households.

Equal Ground
Community Empowerment and Mental Well-Being

Purpose: To promote self-acceptance and awareness about sexuality, health and rights through a 'safe space' for workshops and counseling, outreach across the country, training of trainers, publications and engagement with national media.

Mannar Women’s Development Federation (MWDF)
Support System for Victims of Violence

Purpose: To provide emergency shelter and livelihood support to women and their children who are fleeing violence in their homes or communities, or resettling in Mannar and to strengthen village-level women's groups to promote women’s rights.

Organization for Rehabilitation of the Handicapped (ORHAN)
Community-Based Rehabilitation Project

Purpose: To promote the rights of women with war-inflicted disabilities and children with disabilities in northern Sri Lanka and ensure their participation in social, political, economic and cultural life, through rights trainings, psychosocial counseling, livelihood promotion and educational services.

Professional Psychological Counseling Centre (PPCC)
Barefoot Counseling Program

Purpose: To promote mental health for traumatized communities in eastern Sri Lanka by building the skills and knowledge of counselors who work at the grassroots level.

Social Economical and Environmental Developers (SEED)
Empowering Youth with Disabilities and Promoting Civic Engagement

Purpose: To promote social inclusion of youth with disabilities through education, youth clubs, vocational training empowerment and advocacy.

Trincomalee District Women Network (TDWN)
Empowering Women and Building Gender Equality

Purpose: To combat gender- and ethnic-based inequality and violence through a strong network of women activists leading public advocacy actions and organizing community discussions of women’s rights and women affected by violence.

Trincomalee District Youth Development "AHAM"
Livelihood and Psychosocial Support for Women in Trincomalee

Purpose: To support women's community-based organizations through grants for livelihood activities and collective agriculture, legal support for women, and psychosocial counseling training and activities.