Sahiyar was established in 1984 by female students from the University of Baroda in Gujarat who were inspired by the emergence of the autonomous women’s movement in India. The organization aims to help build a society free from any form of inequality, injustice and atrocity toward women, especially women and girls who are living with threats of communal and gender based violence. With GGI support, Sahiyar will advance the rights of marginalized young women and girls by providing participatory trainings on gender justice, short-term computer courses, and linkages to scholarship opportunities for girls who are discontinuing their education due to lack of finances.


Training Grassroots Women

Purpose: To secure widow pensions and provide educational opportunities to adolescent girls and rebuild trust between different religious groups in the slums of Baroda by organizing the communities and providing them with training about gender justice, communalism, and environment and their rights.

Project Grant Amount $15,000
Total Grants Received $89,889
Years Supported 6
Theme Girl Effect, Sexual Health and Rights
Population Served Adolescent girls, Religious/Ethnic minorities, Women