Mohammad Bazar Backward Class Development Society (MBBCDS)





Mohammad Bazar Backward Class Development Society (MBBCDS)

Founded in 2001, MBBCDS works with marginalized Muslim and tribal women and children in urban Calcutta, a population highly susceptible to sex trafficking and domestic violence. Through education, vocational training and counseling, the organization empowers women to combat violence and sexual assault, discrimination, high dowry demands, lack of education for girls and lack of access to systems of employment and public health.


Building Women's Leadership

Purpose: To promote Muslim women's leadership by conducting awareness trainings on the legal rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, including freedom from domestic violence, the right to property and the right to education.

Project Grant Amount $15,000
Total Grants Received $101,159
Years Supported 6
Theme Girl Effect, Sexual Health and Rights
Population Served Adolescent girls, Religious/Ethnic minorities, Women