Realizing human rights and ending poverty in India

Inspired by the Jewish commitment to justice, we support organizations working to overcome poverty and oppression. Our small, grassroots grantees are rooted in communities, where they empower local people to identify their most critical concerns and take action to address injustice. We also support groups that organize broader movements for social change, influencing governments and policymakers to respect and promote human rights.

In India, AJWS supports community organizing and advocacy for women’s, girls’, LGBTI and sex workers’ rights, much of which focuses on changing discriminatory community attitudes and norms. AJWS also advances the struggles of tribal and Dalit communities for land rights and economic justice with a focus on women’s access to livelihood.

Recent Projects in India

Preventing Gender Discrimination and Violence Against Muslim Adolescent Girls

Purpose: To increase girls' access to education and discourage the trafficking of girls by raising awareness among families, communities and among adolescent girls and women about their basic rights.

Awaaz-e-Niswaan (Awaaz)
Empowerment of Women

Purpose: To improve advocacy campaigns around domestic violence by extending educational support to women and providing training to adolescent girls on health and education.

Bharathi Trust
Livelihood Rights for the Unorganized Sector

Purpose: To increase informal sector workers' access to greater social security by organizing members of the informal economy in Tamil Nadu to know their rights and advocate for themselves.

Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ)
Advocacy Against Forced Sterilization

Purpose: To advocate against state implementation of forced sterilization of women in poor communities by supporting community organizing, fact finding, and advocacy against the two-child norm that is at the root of these human rights violations.

Jashpur Jan Vikas Sanstha (JJVS)
Resource Protection for Indigenous Populations

Purpose: To support the protection of the rights of tribal populations by advocating for the proper implementation of the Forest Rights Act and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme; to form women's groups and hold leadership trainings for female tribal leaders on women's rights and violence against women.

Livelihood Rights for the Unorganized Sector

Purpose: To advance the right to housing, employment and social security for informal economy workers and slum residents by community organizing, livelihood activities and advocacy campaigns.

Mohammad Bazar Backward Class Development Society (MBBCDS)
Building Women's Leadership

Purpose: To promote Muslim women's leadership by conducting awareness trainings on the legal rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, including freedom from domestic violence, the right to property and the right to education.

Sexuality Education for Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Purpose: To build the capacity of five organizations to address gaps in their sexual and gender-based violence programs serving rural women in northern India through training, workshops and networking activities.

Point of View (POV)
Advancing the Right to Health for Transgender Communities

Purpose: To increase knowledge of the female-to-male transgender population of Mumbai around their right to basic healthcare and legal services by supporting community organizing and education; to facilitate connections between the medical community in Mumbai and transgender individuals through public health drives.

Livelihood Support for Transgender Communities

Purpose: To support the community organization AMANA to increase the capacity of transgender and MSM communities to access mainstream healthcare, education and employment services through training and workshops; to conduct community outreach and advocacy activities to reduce the stigma and discrimination facing this population.

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