Highlander's Association (HA)





Highlander's Association (HA)

HA was created in 2001 at the request of the National Assembly of Ratanakiri Province to form an indigenous people’s association to raise awareness about land rights and to explore opportunities for economic and cultural development. A women-led association, HA works to combat encroachment on indigenous lands, the erosion of indigenous culture and the exploitation of vital natural resources.


Natural Resource Management and Cultural Preservation

Purpose: To empower indigenous communities in Ratanakiri to be included in decisions involving land, natural resource management, and cultural and livelihood development by building the capacity of indigenous leadership (specifically women) and providing opportunities for indigenous networks to meet and strategize.

Project Grant Amount $26,000
Total Grants Received $115,515
Years Supported 7
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Indigenous peoples, Youth, Women