Palaung Women's Organization (PWO)





Palaung Women's Organization (PWO)

PWO was founded in 2000 to educate and empower Palaung women to develop and strengthen their own self-determination and achieve equality of participation. PWO provides gender and human rights training to Palaung women and their communities; increases international and community knowledge of the Palaung people, their history and cultures; and raises awareness of the human rights abuses suffered by the Palaung people.


Women's Political Empowerment

Purpose: To educate and empower Palaung women in Burma on gender and human rights and create opportunities for Palaung women to develop their leadership abilities through rights trainings, community roundtable discussions and capacity building for women's committees.

Project Grant Amount $20,000
Total Grants Received $118,500
Years Supported 7
Theme Civil and Political Rights
Population Served Ethnic minorities, Women, Youth