Grupo Nicaraguense de Mujeres Lesbianas Safo (Grupo Safo)





Grupo Nicaraguense de Mujeres Lesbianas Safo (Grupo Safo)

Grupo Safo works to empower lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LBT) women in a country where LGBTI people face high levels of sexual and gender based violence and discrimination by the health, education and police departments. Grupo Safo is an important national voice working to strengthen the participation of LBT women in the LGBTI movement, improve health services for LBT women, and reduce discrimination and stigma based on sexual orientation and gender identity.


Advancing LBT Women's Sexual Health and Rights

Purpose: To promote the rights of lesbian and bisexual women by providing legal and psychosocial support, organizing reflection workshops on HIV and sexual health and rights, developing social awareness strategies, monitoring human rights violations and conducting advocacy with public authorities.

Project Grant Amount $15,000
Total Grants Received $33,000
Years Supported 3
Theme Sexual Health and Rights
Population Served Sexually diverse communities