Coordinadora de Pueblos Indigenas Chorotega (Coordinadora Chorotega)





Coordinadora de Pueblos Indigenas Chorotega (Coordinadora Chorotega)

Coordinadora Chorotega was founded in 2003 to advance indigenous people’s right to manage their natural resources and territories. In 1995, Nicaragua reformed its constitution to recognize all indigenous groups and guarantee them the right to communal lands and to self governance according to cultural and social traditions. Despite this law, municipal governments in the North-Center region continue to exclude indigenous communities from decision making. Coordinadora Chorotega is working to defend these rights and to strengthen the inclusion of women and youth in communities’ natural resource rights agendas.


Strengthening Indigenous Peoples' Natural Resource Rights

Purpose: To protect indigenous people's collective rights through strengthening traditional administrative structures, increasing communities' capacity to manage their natural resources, strengthening participation of youth and women in natural resource rights agendas, and conducting trainings with communities on indigenous people's rights.

Project Grant Amount $20,000
Total Grants Received $40,000
Years Supported 2
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Indigenous peoples, Women, Youth