Asociacion Nicaraguense de Transgeneras (ANIT)





Asociacion Nicaraguense de Transgeneras (ANIT)

ANIT, a transgender-led organization based in Managua, Nicaragua, was founded in 2008 to defend and promote the rights of transgender people in response to pervasive discrimination, stigma and social exclusion. ANIT seeks to strengthen transgender people's political and civil participation through human rights education and leadership building initiatives, working to advance a trans-led public agenda. The organization builds awareness about transgender people's sexual health and rights agenda through public communications strategies.


Advancing the Rights of Transgender People

Purpose: To defend and promote the sexual health and rights of transgender people by conducting human rights education and leadership-building; denouncing human rights violations; conducting workshops on gender identity, stigma and discrimination and HIV prevention; and conducting awareness-raising workshops with the staff of public institutions.

Project Grant Amount $15,000
Total Grants Received $26,600
Years Supported 2
Theme Sexual Health and Rights
Population Served Sexually diverse communities, Women, Workers