Asociación por la Humanización de la Vida / Colectivo Gaviota (Gaviota)





Asociación por la Humanización de la Vida / Colectivo Gaviota (Gaviota)

Founded in 1996, Colectivo Gaviota seeks to transform unequal gender relationships within indigenous communities in Nicaragua's Northern Autonomous region, promoting gender equity as well as the recognition and defense of indigenous women's rights. The organization conducts research regarding indigenous women's political participation, awareness-raising about gender-based violence, human rights education within indigenous communities, as well as women's leadership development initiatives.


Defending Indigenous Women's Rights

Purpose: To reduce sexual and gender-based violence and promote gender equity within indigenous communities by conducting trainings on women's rights and access to justice for victims of gender-based violence and by raising awareness among traditional justice leaders about gender equity.

Project Grant Amount $31,000
Total Grants Received $54,205
Years Supported 2
Theme Sexual Health and Rights
Population Served Indigenous peoples, Youth, Women