Teatro Cabaret Reinas Chulas A.C. (Las Reinas Chulas)





Teatro Cabaret Reinas Chulas A.C. (Las Reinas Chulas)

La Reinas Chulas was founded in 2000 by a collective of Mexican women actresses who use performance to promote critical thinking and public debate about human rights issues impacting Mexican society. Their performances invite citizens to take action to protest political and social issues such as the prevalence of violence, corruption, and violations of women's and lesbian’s rights. The organization’s activities include street performances, formal cabaret-theater presentations, workshops for youth groups, academic debates, radio programs and a presence at the international cabaret festival. In addition, Las Reinas Chulas designs advocacy strategies to lobby for public policies that promote human rights and gender equity.


Political Cabaret-Theatre: Promoting Political Debate, Critical Thinking and Solutions for Human Rights Violations

Purpose: To advocate for cultural policies to include human rights and gender equity by engaging in dialogue with key decision makers; performing public cabaret theater on current political issues; and implementing a gender equity training strategy with women actresses and radio programs.

Project Grant Amount $25,000
Total Grants Received $45,000
Years Supported 2
Theme Civil and Political Rights
Population Served Youth, Women, Sexually diverse communities