Servicios del Pueblo Mixe, A.C.





Servicios del Pueblo Mixe, A.C.

Servicios del Pueblo Mixe, A.C. is an Indigenous organization founded in 1998 that promotes Indigenous rights, autonomy, gender and women’s rights, culture, education and sustainable development for the Ayuuk (Mixe) people and participates in Indigenous movements at state, national and international levels.


Strengthening Natural Resource Rights Work

Purpose: To protect rights to land and natural resources of Ayuuk indigenous people by raising awareness on indigenous collective rights violations, strengthening the organization's natural resource rights advocacy strategies, and developing community-based strategies for land sustainable management.

Project Grant Amount $36,000
Total Grants Received $149,850
Years Supported 7
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Migrants, Indigenous peoples, Women, Farmers and fisherfolk