The Americas


AJWS currently supports over 86 community-based organizations in seven countries throughout Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. AJWS grantmaking in the region funds organizations that are advancing sexual health and rights for women, girls, sexual minorities, and sex workers; defending the rights of marginalized groups working toward justice and equality; defending access to food, land and livelihoods; and responding to the needs of marginalized communities before, during and after conflicts and natural disasters.

In Mesoamerica – El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua – AJWS promotes collective land rights of indigenous and afro-descendant communities; confronts internal displacement and environmental degradation due to megaprojects; and protects and promotes the work of human rights defenders. AJWS partners work to increase political participation and amplify the voices of historically marginalized communities, including indigenous populations, women, youth, and LGBT people. AJWS also promotes the freedom from discrimination, stigmatization, and violence, as well as access to safe health services for women, girls, LGBT people, and sex workers.

In the Caribbean – Haiti and the Dominican Republic – AJWS strengthens social movements and grassroots organizations to promote human rights and democracy, to challenge structural inequality and power, and to achieve agrarian reform and food sovereignty. AJWS supports peasant farmers to protect their land rights and fight displacement due to development megaprojects, promotes alternative media as an advocacy and mobilization tool, and works to increase the political participation of historically marginalized communities, including Dominicans of Haitian Descent, people living in internally displaced people (IDP) camps, slum dwellers, LGBT people and sex workers.