Kakindo Orphans Care (KOC)





Kakindo Orphans Care (KOC)

KOC is a women-led organization founded in 2008 in western Uganda to provide sustainable community support to orphans and their caretakers, and to defend the lands of vulnerable communities from land grabbing and oil exploration. Because of local people’s lack of education about the value of their land in this oil-rich region, speculators are able to trick land owners into selling their property at rock-bottom prices.


Environmental Protection and Land Rights for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Purpose: To promote environmental protection and the land rights of orphans and vulnerable children through community education on land tenure laws, forming demonstration gardens and promoting women's participation in oil-related advocacy.

Project Grant Amount $12,000
Total Grants Received $30,180
Years Supported 3
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Youth, Women, Farmers and fisherfolk