Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organisation (BIRUDO)





Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organisation (BIRUDO)

BIRUDO was founded in western Uganda, in 2006, to advocate for rural development initiatives among the fisher folk community of Buliisa district, whose land is frequently jeopardized by oil exploration and land speculation and where activists face threats and arrest. Through village meetings and community awareness raising, BIRUDO seeks to mobilize, organize and empower these communities to defend their land and demand their right to information, fair compensation and the justice system.


Oil Justice and Land Rights in Buliisa

Purpose: To promote community land rights and environmental conservation in Uganda's oil region through education on land title, compensation, participatory planning and tree planting.

Project Grant Amount $13,000
Total Grants Received $31,600
Years Supported 3
Theme Natural Resource Rights and Economic Justice
Population Served Farmers and fisherfolk